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This website is divided into sections, for the four branches of the family plus a Home section and an Extras section at the end. These are the headings at the top centre-right of each page, with the current section (for example Johnstone) in bold:

  • Home
  • McConnell
  • Stannard
  • Pennycuick
  • Johnstone
  • Extras


Introductory page, picture links

Each section has an introductory page, reached by clicking the above section name. These pages contain several picture-links to the individual pages in the section:

Forward/back arrows

You can browse through the pages in a section using the forward and back arrows:

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Family tree icons

The family tree icons at the top left of the text pages (not the maps) are an attempt to show where the current page fits into the overall family structure. The format and colour scheme are the same as for the 'Ancestors' family tree on the Home page, and the family members described on the page are in bold colours on the icon. For example:

Capt. William Lanagan Stannard
The Johnstone / Smith group of families

Colour scheme

The colours in these icons are also used in the family trees for each family branch, in the 'Ancestors' tree on the Home page, and in the coloured triangles at the top right corner of each page.


In this final section there is a People Index, which will be joined by various other extras as time allows, for example an Appendix of photos for which there wasn't space on the main pages.

Site Map

The Site Map (left) lists all the sections and their constituent pages. In the Index, and occasionally elsewhere, initials (McC, GHJ etc.) are used for the pages and family trees: these are given at the bottom of the site map and at the bottom of the index, and are shown in the coloured triangles.

Family trees

The family trees on the pages are linked to .png files, which can be opened directly in internet browsers and on mobile phones. Links to higher-resolution .pdf files, which open in Adobe Reader or similar, are given below:


The photos on this website are from various sources. Wherever possible I have obtained permission to use the photos from outside sources, and given due accreditation. In some cases I have requested permission but received no reply.

Please contact me (e-mail address below) if you feel a photo has been used without permission / accreditation, or if you would like to use any of the images shown here.

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