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Adair, John -1660-1718surveyor and cartographer in ScotlandIlk Clerk
Adair, William -landscape architect (son of John?)Clerk
Adams, Margaret McConnellIV1841-1916wife of Dr. Andrew McConnellTMcCMcC
Adams, Mary Ann HayIII1802-1884wife of William HayHaySmi
Adkins, Mary Ann(a) FaradayIII1799-1862daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth AdkinsJ'stn
Aikman, William -1682-1731Scottish artistClerk Newh
Airey, Gen. Richard -1803-1881army officer in the Crimean WarChw
Airey, Thomas IV1843-husband of Ann ParrMeh
Alexander, Agnes VI1894-1973daughter of Andrew AlexanderMcC
Alexander, Andrew V1855-1944husband of Rachel McConnellMcC McC_fMcC_fMcC
Alexander, Donald James VII1937-son of James Alexander; family historianGuide McC SMcC TMcC Gawn McC_f JMcC MehMcC McC_f
Alexander, Elizabeth Ferguson VI1897-1968daughter of Andrew AlexanderMcC
Alexander, Giles Pennycook--1749wife of John Pennycook of ConcraigieSoilz
Alexander, James VI1900-1950son of Andrew AlexanderMcC
Alexander, Margaret VI1895-1915daughter of Andrew AlexanderMcC
Alexander, Samuel VI1904-1987son of Andrew AlexanderMcC
Alexander, Dr. William V1844-1919brother of Andrew AlexanderMcC
Allen, James IV1846-1924husband of Jane McConnellMcC TMcC
Allen, Parker Roscoe -1861-1913engineer on the Periyar TunnelMul
Ambler, Ellen HaselerIV1870-1953wife of Frank HaselerJ'stn
Amos, Elaine Phyllis LuntVI1906-1985wife of Stan LuntGM
Angas, Elizabeth Anne Rosetta BancroftVI1921-2006wife of Donald R.J. BancroftSt
Archibald, James Vhusband of Anne PennycookBros
Armit, Ellen (Eleanor) StannardIII-1875wife of William StannardSt_Kk Gr RevHSSt
Armit, May EyreIIIsister of Ellen ArmitSt_KkSt
Armit, William IIfather of Ellen and May ArmitSt
Arrowsmith, Maria BestII1796-1847wife of Joseph BestColJ'stn
Auld, Douglas M. VIIIhusband of Tobi Jane McConnellWSMcC
Bancroft, Catherine Clare E. Pena YllnaitVII1949-2005daughter of Donald R.J. BancroftSt_Kk Gr RevHSSt
Bancroft, Donald Royale Jackson VI1916-1995son of Peter Henson BancroftSt
Bancroft, Edgar Henson P.W. VI1913-2003son of Peter Henson BancroftSt
Bancroft, Maj. Peter Henson V1877-1967husband of Florence A. JacksonSt
Bancroft, Richard Lee VII1950-son of Donald R.J. BancroftGrSt
Banks, Jane SouthworthIIwife of John Southworth; mother of Hugh Southworth (1820-83)PenkPenk
Barnard, Celia Gardner Alexander SmithIV1878-19342nd wife of William 'Carrington' SmithSmi
Bayliss, Ann FaradayII1771-1846wife of Rev. William FaradayGHJJ'stn
Beck, Frederick Augustus V1867-1919son of Josiah I. Beck; husband of Annes J. McConnellMcC_fMcC_fMcC
Beck, Josiah Isaiah IV1828-1898father of Fred BeckMcC_f
Beck, Sarah Agnes ('Nancy') GrahamVI1912-1998daughter of Annes J. McConnellSMcC McC_fMcC
Beer-Oli, Santhana -film maker from the Theni district of IndiaColJP Mul
Bell, Esther GawnIII1821-1864wife of Thomas GawnGawnMcC
Bell, John IIIhusband of Elizabeth GawnGawn
Bell-Scott, Frederick ('Fred') VI1912-1996twin son of Frederick ('Sandy') Bell-ScottDLD
Bell-Scott, Frederick ('Sandy') V1875-1956husband of Phyllis Mary SmithSmi
Berry, Clara -co-founder of Conamur SchoolColJP
Best, Ann BraggII1795-1840dau. of Isaac Best; wife of Thos P. BraggColJ'stn
Best, Anne Arrowsmith BraggIII1819-1885dau. of Joseph Best; wife of John Bragg (VI)Col DLDJ'stn
Best, Anne Pamela Dudley FeenyV1920-2005sister of June BestDLD
Best, Donald Arrowsmith VI1920-2002son of Jack BestJ'stn
Best, Dora ('Dot') CarrV1882-1951daughter of Walter BestDLD GMGHJ GMJ'stn Smi
Best, Elizabeth ('Beth') VI1913-2006daughter of Jack BestDLD GMJ'stn
Best, Frances June D. JohnstoneV1918-2006dau. of Robert D. Best; wife of Tom Johnstone [Gen 6]GHJ Col DLD GMDLD
Best, Rev. Frank Milner VI1921-1997son of Jack Best; family historianJ'stn GHJ Col NCJ'stn
Best, Howard IV1848-1916son of Isaac Arrowsmith BestColJ'stn
Best, Isaac I1765-1814head of the Best familyColJ'stn
Best, Isaac Arrowsmith III1817-1890son of Joseph BestCol NCJ'stn
Best, Jane Adelaide HaselerIII1830-1906daughter of Joseph BestCol DLDJ'stn
Best, Janet BennettV1881-1959daughter of Walter BestGHJJ'stn
Best, John Arrowsmith ('Jack') V1885-1965son of Walter BestNC DLDJ'stn
Best, John Robert Hall V1929-2014brother of June BestDLD
Best, Joseph II1790-1855son of Isaac BestColJ'stn
Best, Robert II1803-1863son of Isaac BestGHJ Col DLDJ'stn
Best, Robert Dudley IV1892-1984son of Robert Hall BestDLD
Best, Robert Hall III1843-1890son of Robert Best; h. of Emma M. Short [Gen 5]GHJ
Best, Walter IV1851-1936son of Isaac Arrowsmith BestWlk Col NC GMColJ'stn
Betts, James IV1823-husband of Eliza JohnstoneGHJ
Bigwood, Monica R. LuntVI1917-20002nd wife of Humphrey LuntGM
Bingley, Beatricia Hay-1688-1738mother of Jonathan Hay (I)HaySmi
Binns, Anthony David VI1941-son of Muriel HaselerCol NC
Bird, Elizabeth SwiftIwife of John SwiftJ'stn
Blair, Mary McConnellIV1823-wife of James McConnell (1821-1902)SMcCMcC
Booth, Amelia WestonIII1822-1898daughter of Thomas BoothPenk
Booth, Charlotte III1817-1892daughter of Thomas BoothPenkPenk
Booth, Elizabeth SortonIII1820-1863daughter of Thomas BoothPenkPenk
Booth, John III1814-1891son of Thomas BoothPenkPenk
Booth, Thomas II1791-head of the Booth familyPenkPenk
Bovell, Mary Dowell MacAdamIV1852-1930wife of John Stannard MacAdamSt
Bower, Elizabeth Chivers MacAdamIV1824-1856wife of Thomas Stannard MacAdamSt_KkSt
Bowman, Charles Ihead of the Bowman familySmi
Bowman, Elizabeth SadlerII1774-daughter of Charles Bowman; wife of Joseph SadlerSmi
Bowman, Hannah WalkerII1776-daughter of Charles BowmanSmi
Bowman, Ruth WattonII1781-1831daughter of Charles Bowman; wife of Samuel WattonSmi
Bragg, Alan V1877-1963son of Charles Bayley BraggJ'stn Col NC DLD Smi GMColJ'stn Smi
Bragg, Anne Johnstone GlydonIV1857-1941dau. of Thomas Bragg; wife of William F. Glydon [Gen 5]GHJ
Bragg, Charles Alan ('Char') VI1906-2007son of Alan BraggWlk GMCol GMJ'stn Smi
Bragg, Charles Bayley IV1850-1933son of John Bragg (VI)J'stn GHJ Wlk Col NC GMColJ'stn
Bragg, Elizabeth LoweIII1832-1906daughter of Thomas Perry BraggNC Smi
Bragg, Helen Janet MartinVI1909-1997daughter of Alan BraggDLD GMCol DLD GMJ'stn Smi
Bragg, Hilda HadfieldV1877-1959daughter of Charles Bayley BraggColGHJ ColJ'stn
Bragg, Jane PitmanIII1825-1878daughter of Thomas Perry BraggColJ'stn
Bragg, Jessie Caroline WilkinsonIV1854-1934dau. of Thomas Bragg; wife of Howard Wilkinson [Gen 5]J'stn GHJ Wlk ColJ'stn
Bragg, John (V)I1751-1795son of John Bragg (IV)Col NCJ'stn
Bragg, John (VI)III1821-1898son of Thomas Perry BraggJ'stn Col NC DLDJ'stn
Bragg, John Charles VII1939-son of Char Bragg; family historianHome Guide J'stn GHJ Wlk Col NC DLD Smi Carr Hay GMJ'stn
Bragg, Maria FaradayIII1836-1930daughter of Thomas Perry Bragg; wife of Charles A. Faraday [Gen 4]J'stn
Bragg, Marian Kate WilkinsonIV1848-1924daughter of Thomas BraggGHJ Wlk Col NCJ'stn
Bragg, Mary RaboneII1789-1883daughter of John Bragg (V)ColJ'stn
Bragg, Thomas III1819-1879son of Thomas Perry Bragg; h. of Catherine Johnstone [Gen 4]GHJ Wlk ColJ'stn
Bragg, Thomas Perry II1790-1853son of John Bragg (V)ColJ'stn
Bragge, Charles William IV1850-1924son of William BraggeGHJ
Bragge, Constance Josephine HollingsworthV1908-1990daughter of Wilfrid C. BraggeNC
Bragge, John Kingwell II1787-1859son of John Bragg (V)J'stn
Bragge, Maude Maria RaboneIV1863-1938daughter of Robert BraggeWlk ColJ'stn
Bragge, Robert III1830-1896son of Thomas Perry Bragg; h. of Mary A. Faraday [Gen 4]ColJ'stn
Bragge, William III1823-1884son of Thomas Perry BraggColJ'stn
Brancker, James D.D. VI1878-1917husband of Bryda PennycuickColJP
Bridge, Sir Frederick -1844-1924organist, Westminster AbbeyGHJ
Bridle, Ronald J.L. VII1936-20232nd husband of Harriet TrenthamJ'stn
Brooke, Jocelyn -1908-1966writer; pupil at Conamur SchoolColJP
Brookes, Lt-.Col. Robert --1849acting CO of 24th Foot at ChillianwalaChw
Brown, Mary Atkins MacAdamIV1830-1907wife of Thomas Stannard MacAdamSt
Brownbill, Elizabeth ParrIII1813-dau. of Mary Brownbill; wife of James ParrAnc Meh
Brownrigg, W.H. -administered estate of Rev. H. StannardRevHS
Bruce, Euphemia Penycuke-wife of John Penycuke (III) or (II)IlkIlk
Brulon, Anne Brigitte V. (née Mallet) ThursbyII1777-1827mother of Anne A.E. ThursbyCham
Buchanan, Amy St Leger (née Bertram) ChamierV1864-1945wife of George D. ChamierChamCham
Buchanan, James W. VIII1956-son of Janet PennycuickCEDP
Buchanan, Jenny S. VIII1951-daughter of Janet PennycuickCEDP
Buncher, Harold Walter IV1865-1931son of William C. BuncherJ'stn
Buncher, Mabel HaselerIV1861-1951dau. of William C. Buncher; wife of Arnold HaselerJ'stn
Buncher, William Court III1830-1901husband of Sarah Eliza HaselerCol NCJ'stn
Burnaby, Georgiana Grace ChamierII1764-1826daughter of Adm. Sir William BurnabyChamCham
Burnaby, Vice-Adm. Sir William I1710-1776father of Grace BurnabyCham
Caffrey, Mary ParrIV1841-wife of Edward ParrMeh
Caldwell, Capt. James -engineer in MadrasMul
Campbell, Alexander -husband of Anna PennecuikNewhNewh
Campbell, Gen. Colin Lord Clyde-1792-1863infantry general at ChillianwalaBrigJP Chw JFP Cham
Carr, Alixe Eva ('Franky') FieldVI1916-1999daughter of Frank C. Carr (né Smith)J'stn DLD GMJ'stn Smi
Carr, Anna Maria DuckworthIV1839-1914daughter of James Byron CarrHome J'stn CarrSmi
Carr, Charles Alfred IV1853-son of James Byron CarrCarr
Carr, Charlotte Jane IV1840-1857daughter of James Byron CarrCarr
Carr, Clive Emsley Bracewell Lascelles VII1934-son of Harry Lascelles CarrHome Carr
Carr, David I1731-1794father of James CarrCarr HaySmi
Carr, David VI1906-1969son of Frank C. Carr (né Smith)GMGMJ'stn Smi
Carr, Ettie (Etty) (Harriet?) CrawfordIV1855-1937daughter of James Byron CarrCarr
Carr, Ettie Lascelles NicoleV1879-1937daughter of Henry Lascelles Carr (2nd m.)Smi
Carr, Frances Catherine WellsIV1851-1941daughter of James Byron CarrSmi Carr GMSmi
Carr, Lt. Frank Clifford (né Smith) V1881-1917son of Thomas Henry Smith and Jeanie Copley CarrJ'stn Col NC DLD Smi Carr GMGMJ'stn Smi
Carr, George Alexander ('Alec') IV1851-1900son of James Byron CarrCarr GMSmi
Carr, Harry Lascelles VI1907-1943twin son of (William) Emsley CarrCarrSmi
Carr, Henry Lascelles IV1841-1902son of James Byron CarrHome CarrCarrSmi
Carr, Henry Lascelles V1879-1939son of Thomas Hay CarrSmi
Carr, Hester Edith ('Tib') PadmoreVI1909-1992daughter of Frank C. Carr (né Smith)J'stn DLD GMDLD GMJ'stn Smi
Carr, James II1755-1817son of David CarrCarrSmi
Carr, Rev. James Byron III1810-1880son of James CarrHome Farr J'stn Smi Carr Hay GMAnc Smi
Carr, Rev. James William Hay IV1847-1892son of James Byron CarrCarrSmi
Carr, Janet GreenVI1908-1995daughter of Frank C. Carr (né Smith)J'stn DLD Smi Carr Hay GMDLD GMJ'stn Smi
Carr, Jeanie Copley SmithIV1844-1935daughter of James Byron Carr; wife of Thomas Henry Smith; 'Granny Mick'Home J'stn DLD Smi Carr GMGMAnc Smi
Carr, Jenny Lascelles CarrV1878-1842daughter of Henry Lascelles Carr (2nd m.); wife of (William) Emsley CarrCarrSmi
Carr, John -father of Robert CarrCarr
Carr, Loftus Lascelles V1865-1930son of Henry Lascelles Carr (1st m.)Carr
Carr, Mattie Lascelles GilmoreV1880-1944daughter of Henry Lascelles Carr (2nd m.)Smi
Carr, Robert -1697-1777father of David CarrCarr HaySmi
Carr, Robert Frederick IV1858-1901son of James Byron CarrCarr GMSmi
Carr, Thomas Hay IV1843-son of James Byron CarrCarrSmi
Carr, Walter Copley VI1907-1944twin son of (William) Emsley CarrCarrSmi
Carr, Walter Galland IV1849-1867son of James Byron CarrCarr
Carr, Sir William (Emsley) VI1912-1977son of (William) Emsley CarrCarrCarrSmi
Carr, Sir Wm Emsley V1867-1941son of Thomas Hay CarrCarrCarrSmi
Carter, Sarah HaselerIwife of William Haseler (snr.)J'stn
Carulla, Facundo Joaquin Ramon IV1845-1920husband of Ellen JohnstoneGHJ
Cashel, Ernest --1903criminalJFP
Cathro, Janet PennycookIV1795-1851wife of James PennycookSoilz BrosBrosP'ck
Chamberlain, Arthur Bensley V1860-1931husband of Mabel G. SmithSmiSmi
Chamberlain, John Henry IV1831-1883architect; father of Oliver and ArthurGHJ Smi
Chamberlain, Oliver Martin V1866-1935husband of Lilian A. SmithSmiSmi
Chamberlain, Peter Stanley VI1903-1954son of Oliver M. ChamberlainGM
Chamier, Alice Geraldine MahonV1866-1948daughter of Stephen H.E. ChamierChamCham
Chamier, Anthony I1725-1780brother of Judith ChamierChamChamCham
Chamier, Anthony Edward Deschamps VII1935-grandson of Edward Maynard Desch. Chamier; family historianCham
Chamier, Capt. Arthur Tyrrell V1871-1905son of Stephen H.E. ChamierChamCham
Chamier, Charles Frederick IV1825-1869son of Henry Chamier (1st m.)ChamCham
Chamier, Crystal Henrietta Deschamps BurnettVI1902-1997daughter of Henry Desch. ChamierCham
Chamier, Daniel -1565-1621drafted the Edict of NantesCham
Chamier, Daniel -1661-1698original émigré from FranceHome ChamCham
Chamier, Sir Edward Maynard Deschamps V1866-1945son of Francis E.A. ChamierChamCham
Chamier, Eliza Maria CreweIV1833-1919daughter of Frederick ChamierCham
Chamier, Eliza Tyrell V1863-1881daughter of Stephen H.E. ChamierChamCham
Chamier, Evelyn Mabel Deschamps RuttlegeVI1893-1976daughter of Henry Desch. ChamierCham
Chamier, Maj.-Gen. Francis E. Archibald IV1833-1923son of Henry Chamier (1st m.)ChamCham
Chamier, Capt. Frederick III1796-1870son of Jean Ezechiel ChamierChamChamCham
Chamier, Brig.-Gen. George Daniel V1860-1920son of Stephen H.E. ChamierChamCham
Chamier, George Fitzwilliam III1793-1816son of Jean Ezechiel ChamierCham
Chamier, Georgiana Grace WroughtonIV1817-1847daughter of Henry Chamier (1st m.)ChamCham
Chamier, Georgiana Grace PennycuickV1859-1947daughter of Stephen H.E. Chamier; wife of Col. John PennycuickHome WLS P'ck Soilz P'ck_f ColJP Mul Cham SirJPColJP Mul Cham SirJPAnc P'ck Cham
Chamier, Georgiana Sophia BroughtonIII1786-1869daughter of Jean Ezechiel ChamierCham
Chamier, Henrietta TyrrellIV1841-1900daughter of Henry Chamier (2nd m.)ChamCham
Chamier, Henry III1795-1867son of Jean Ezechiel ChamierHome ChamAnc Cham
Chamier, Col. Henry Deschamps V1862-1950son of Francis E.A. ChamierChamCham
Chamier, Jean Ezechiel (né Deschamps) II1754-1831son of Jean Deschamps and Judith ChamierChamChamCham
Chamier, Joan Deschamps VI1907-1981daughter of George D. ChamierCham
Chamier, Judith DeschampsI1721-1801sister of Anthony Chamier; wife of Jean Deschamps; mother of Jean Ezechiel ChamierChamCham
Chamier, Lt.-Gen. Stephen Henry E. IV1834-1910son of Henry Chamier (1st m.)JFP ColJP ChamHome ChamAnc Cham
Chamier, Yvonne Madeleine RidleyVI1905-1978daughter of George D. ChamierCham
Chance, Sir James Timmins -1814-1902lighthouse engineerCol
Cheetham, Harry IV1861-1937husband of Mary Ann SouthworthPenkPenk
Clark, Nathaniel Gooding -1757-1833barrister; built house on Hamstead HillCol
Clark, Richard Gooding -barrister, son of NathanielCol
Clarke, Marianne (Mary Anne) HayIV1836-1904wife of Richard HaySmi
Clerk, Catherine Forbes-sister of 1st Bt. Sir John Clerk; wife of Sir David ForbesClerk Newh
Clerk, Charlotte Smyth PennycookVwife of Andew Kesson PennycookBros
Clerk, Sir George -1787-18676th Baronet of PenicuikClerk FfaB
Clerk, Sir George Douglas -1852-19118th Baronet of PenicuikClerk
Clerk, Sir George James R. -1876-19439th Baronet of PenicuikClerk
Clerk, Sir James -1709-17823rd Baronet of PencuikIlk Clerk
Clerk, Sir James -1812-18707th Baronet of PenicuikIlk Clerk
Clerk, John -1611-16741st Laird of PenicuikIlk Clerk FfaBClerk
Clerk, Sir John -1649-17221st Baronet of PenicuikClerk Newh
Clerk, Sir John -1676-17552nd Baronet of PenicuikIlk Clerk NewhClerk Newh
Clerk, John -1728-1812'of Eldin'; brother of 3rd and 4th Bts.Ilk Clerk
Clerk, Sir John -1736-17985th Baronet of PenicuikClerkClerk
Clerk, Lord John -1757-1832Lord Eldin, son of John Clerk of EldinClerk
Clerk, Sir John Dutton -1917-200210th Baronet of PenicuikClerk
Clerk, Sir Robert Maxwell -1945-11th Baronet of PenicuikClerk
Clerk-Maxwell, Sir George -1715-17844th Baronet of PenicuikClerk
Coley, Mary Anne JohnstoneIV1833-wife of Francis R. JohnstoneGHJ
Collins, Felicity Faye Lady Clerk-wife of 11th Bt. Sir Robert ClerkClerk
Cook, William Johnson IV1849-1936husband of Mary Jane PenkethPenkPenk
Cooper, Juliet D. ('Kate') HarrisonVII1942-daughter of Eve WilsonGuide Meh
Copland, Helen JohnstonIImother of Francis JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Copley, Jeanie CarrII1769-1844wife of James CarrHome CarrHome CarrSmi
Craick, Elizabeth JohnstoneIII1787-1st wife of Francis JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Craik, Andrew -father of Elizabeth Craik?GHJ
Crawford, Dr. Alexander David C. IV1862-1919husband of Ettie CarrCarr
Creichtoune, Alexander -husband of Janet PenycukeIlk
Creichtoune, William de -cousin of David de PenicokIlk
Creichtoune, [family] -cousins of the PenycukesIlk Newh Soilz
Crockford, Ellen JohnstoneIV1838-1914wife of William Faraday JohnstoneGHJ
Crosby, Sarah (née Lowe) SmithIII1821-1875wife of Wiiliam Piercy SmithSmi
Culshaw, Mary PorterII1807-1866wife of William PorterPenk
Dacre, Rosemary Clerk-wife of 5th Bt. Sir John ClerkClerkClerk
Davies, Dr. Hilary VIII1976-daughter of Clare StannardWLS
Davies, Ivor McCelland VII1933-2009husband of Clare StannardWLS
Davies, Stewart Norman VI1899-1973husband of Inez McConnellJMcCJMcC
Davis, William H. -architect of 'the Colony'Col
Dean, Ann FaradayI1720-1795wife of Thomas FaradayJ'stn
Dean, Elizabeth FaradayI1731-1797wife of Robert FaradayJ'stn
Deans, Rev. H. -pastor at Wretham RoadGHJ
Deans, Margaret Pennecuik-wife of James PennecuikNewhNewh
Deschamps, Dorothea Sophie II1755-1819sister of Jean Ezechiel ChamierCham
Deschamps, Jean I1707-1767father of Jean Ezechiel ChamierChamCham
Deschamps, Suzanne Judith II1759-1820sister of Jean Ezechiel ChamierCham
Dick, Amelia PennycookVwife of James PennycookBros
Dick, Jane PennycookVwife of John PennycookBros
Dickson, Axel -business partner of Charles PennycookBros
Dickson, Catherine MacAdamIwife of Philip MacAdam (II) of ChurchlandSt
Dickson, Catherine MacAdamII2nd wife of Thomas MacAdam (II)St
Doeg, Janet Vmother of Jean, 1st dau. of Charles PennycookBros
Dowdall, Sir Lawrence C.E.D. IV1851-19363rd husband of Elizabeth Frances EdieSt_Kk Gr RevHSSt
Drake, Frances Anne Tyrwhitt MaltbyV1812-1897wife of Henry MaltbyP'ck_f
Ducat, Charles -1793-friend of Brig. John PennycuickMeh BrigJP CEDP
Ducat, Cyril Hugh Pennycuick -1842-1932son of Charles DucatBrigJP CEDP
Duckworth, Joseph IV1851-husband of Anna Maria CarrCarr
Ede, n SmithIwife of Charles SmithSmi
Edie, Alexander C.D.L. III1810-1875father of Eliz Frances and Arabella EdieSt
Edie, Arabella JacksonIV1855-1896sister of Elizabeth Frances EdieGrSt
Edie, Elizabeth Frances EyreIV1861-1962wife of James Eyre [Gen 5]; later wife of Lt.-Col. Henry StannardSt_Kk Gr RevHSSt
Elgar, Alice -1849-1920wife of Edward ElgarGHJ
Elgar, Edward -1857-1934English composerGHJ Col
Ellis, William Senior -1876-1940accountant; partner of Wm L. StannardWLS
Emsley, Sarah Jane CarrIV1842-1905wife of Thomas Hay CarrCarrSmi
Evershed, Edward V1867-1957husband of Lilian JohnstoneGHJGHJJ'stn
Evershed, Lilian May VI1911-1998daughter of Lilian JohnstoneJ'stn
Evershed, Stanley VI1904-1970son of Lilian JohnstoneJ'stn
Evershed, Sydney IV1826-1903father of Edward EvershedGHJ
Evershed, Walter VI1907-1969son of Lilian JohnstoneJ'stn
Eyre, Charity (Cerise) GallweyIV1823-1849daughter of John Eyre and May ArmitSt_KkSt
Eyre, Elizabeth Frances (née Edie) StannardIV1861-1962wife of Lt.-Col. Henry StannardSt_Kk Gr RevHS
Eyre, Georgina EyreIVdaughter of John Eyre and May Armit; wife of Henry S.P. EyreSt
Eyre, Henry Samuel Pyre IVhusband of Georgina EyreSt
Eyre, James V1855-1890son of Henry Eyre; 1st h. of Eliz Frances Edie [Gen 4]RevHSSt
Eyre, John III1794-1856husband of May ArmitSt_KkSt
Falkiner, Frederick -1760-1840executor of John Lanigan StannardSt_Kk
Falkiner, Richard -father of Frederick FalkinerSt_Kk
Falkiner, Richard (snr.)-grandfather of Frederick FalkinerSt_Kk
Faraday, Arthur IV1841-1912son of Samuel Bayliss FaradayNCJ'stn
Faraday, Charles Adkins IV1835-1913son of Samuel Bayliss Faraday; h. of Maria Bragg [Gen 3]J'stn
Faraday, Emma JohnstoneIII1801-1878daughter of Rev. William Faraday; wife of Francis JohnstoneHome J'stn GHJ NCAnc J'stn
Faraday, Mary Anna BraggeIV1833-1908daughter of Samuel Bayliss Faraday; wife of Robert Bragge [Gen 3]ColJ'stn
Faraday, Matilda IV1833-1922daughter of Samuel Bayliss FaradayJ'stn
Faraday, Prof. Michael III1791-1867physicist; grandson of Robert FaradayGHJ NC
Faraday, Richard -1684-1741son of William Faraday (d. 1701)GHJJ'stn
Faraday, Robert I-1786son of Richard FaradayJ'stn
Faraday, Samuel Bayliss III1797-1844son of Rev. William FaradayGHJJ'stn
Faraday, Thomas I1713-1791son of Richard FaradayJ'stn
Faraday, Rev. William II1763-1817son of Thomas FaradayHome GHJ NCJ'stn
Farquharson, John -husband of Margaret PennecuikNewhNewh
Farrell, Annabelle IVdaughter of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)FarrP'ck
Farrell, Catherine MansellIVdaughter of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)FarrP'ck
Farrell, Rev. James (snr.)III1759-1834son of John Farrell; father of Sarah FarrellHome P'ck Farr JFP CarrAnc P'ck
Farrell, Rev. James IV1803-1869son of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)RevHS Farr JFPFarrP'ck
Farrell, John IIfather of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)FarrP'ck
Farrell, Lucinda IVdaughter of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)FarrP'ck
Farrell, Margaret Maria V1842-1853daughter of Maurice FarrellFarrP'ck
Farrell, Maria IV-1835daughter of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)FarrP'ck
Farrell, Rev. Maurice IV1806-1888son of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)RevHS BrigJP FarrP'ck
Farrell, Maurice Foster V1839-1888son of Maurice FarrellFarrP'ck
Farrell, Ruth HoggIV1813-daughter of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)FarrP'ck
Farrell, Sarah PennycuickIV1805-1878daughter of Rev. James Farrell (snr.); wife of Brig. John PennycuickRevHS P'ck Soilz BrigJP Chw Bros Farr P'ck_f JFP ColJP Cham CEDPHome Farr P'ck_fAnc P'ck
Fell, John Duncan Vhusband of Benjamina S. PennycookBros
Ferguson, Jane McConnellIV1833-1901wife of James McConnellTMcC
Ferguson, Margaret McDonaldIIwife of Alexander McDonald (snr.)Soilz BrigJPP'ck
Field, Alixe Eva ('Franky') (née Carr) JohnsonVI1816-1999daughter of Frank C. Carr (né Smith)J'stn DLD GM
Field, Herbert Cecil VI1902-19941st husband of Franky CarrGM
Fleetwood, Sybil Mary PennycuickVI1880-1970wife of Jack PennycuickJFP
Flood, Mary -historian, Rothe HouseSt
Forbes, Sir David -bought Newhall House in 1703Ilk Clerk NewhClerk Newh
Forbes, John -son of Sir David ForbesNewhClerk Newh
Forsyth, Margaret SouthworthIV1875-1953wife of John H. SouthworthPenkPenk
Foster, Margaret FarrellIV1796-1881wife of Maurice FarrellFarrP'ck
Fraser, Mary Eleanor BraggVI1913-1999wife of Char BraggGM
Galindo, Charlotte Delia BraggeII1793-1875wife of John Kingwell BraggeJ'stn
Gallwey, Thomas Lionel J. IVhusband of Cerise EyreSt_Kk
Gamble, Fr. -teacher/chaplain at St Joseph's ConventDLD
Ganderton, Arthur Albert Wilson V1875-1900son of Margaret N. Wilson (2nd m.)RevHSSt
Ganderton, Arthur Edwin IV1843-19152nd husband of Margaret N. WilsonRevHSSt
Gawn, Agnes II1785-daughter of James Gawn (snr.)Gawn
Gawn, Agnes III1798-1814daughter of James GawnGawn
Gawn, Agnes ('Nancy') McConnellIII1807-1891daughter of Andrew Gawn; wife of Thomas McConnellMcC SMcC TMcC Gawn P'ck_fHome GawnAnc McC
Gawn, Agnes ('Nancy') GibsonIV1848-1902daughter of William GawnMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, Andrew II1777-1853son of James Gawn (snr.)TMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, Andrew IV1857-1919son of Thomas GawnGawnMcC
Gawn, David III1832-1906son of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, Eleanor III1804-daughter of James GawnGawn
Gawn, Elizabeth II1783-daughter of James Gawn (snr.)Gawn
Gawn, Elizabeth BellIII1820-1906daughter of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, James (snr.)I1737-1793head of the Gawn familyGawnMcC
Gawn, James II1766-1816son of James Gawn (snr.)TMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, James III1801-1835son of James GawnGawn
Gawn, James III1811-1897son of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, James Murdock IV1844-1931son of William GawnMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, Jemima IV1841-1876daughter of William GawnGawn
Gawn, John II1768-son of James Gawn (snr.)Gawn
Gawn, John III1810-1888son of James GawnGawn
Gawn, John III1812-1882son of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, John IV1851-1931son of Thomas GawnMcC Gawn
Gawn, Margaret III1815-1877daughter of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, Martha Jane III1829-1871daughter of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, Mary McConnellIII1803-daughter of James GawnTMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, Mary WarwickIII1827-1863daughter of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, Mary Elizabeth JohnstonIV1832-1882daughter of William GawnGawn
Gawn, Robert II1782-1820son of James Gawn (snr.)TMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, Robert IV1836-1917son of William Gawn; husband of Martha Ann McConnellMcC SMcC TMcC GawnTMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, Sarah II1771-daughter of James Gawn (snr.)Gawn
Gawn, Sarah III1825-1889daughter of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, Sarah M'ClarnonIV1839-daughter of William GawnGawn
Gawn, Sarah Mary ('Siadie') IV1858-1951daughter of Thomas GawnGawnGawnMcC
Gawn, Thomas III1819-1894son of Andrew GawnMcC TMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, William III1812-1880son of James GawnGawn
Gawn, William III1813-1880son of Robert GawnGawnMcC
Gawn, William III1823-1895son of Andrew GawnGawn
Gawn, William Andrew ('Billy') VI1933-son of David Gawn; family historianGuide McC TMcC GawnMcC
Gawn, William Robert V1869-1951son of Martha Ann McConnellSMcC GawnGawnMcC
Gawn, William Robert V1879-1913son of James Murdock GawnGawn
Gerlach, Andreas -web designer, Brandel & GerlachHome
Gibb, Prof. Diana M. VIII1954-daughter of Sally PennycuickCEDP
Gibb, Thomas H. VIII1961-son of Sally PennycuickMul CEDPP'ck
Gibson, Hugh IV1834-1892husband of Agnes GawnMcC GawnMcC
Gibson, Rev. John Dawson V1823-1873husband of Catherine PennycuickP'ck_fP'ck
Gilbert, Gen. - -infantry general at ChillianwalaChw
Gill, James Bruce VI1849-1918husband of Ruth PennycuickJFP
Gillies, Winifred Emmeline RodgersV1911-1996wife of Christopher ('Crip') RodgersCol
Ginsberg, Mark S. VIIIhusband of Jo Anna McConnellWSMcC
Glydon, Amelia Pauline IV1860-sister of William Frederick GlydonGHJ
Glydon, William Frederick IV1857-1944husband of Anne Johnstone BraggGHJ
Godby, Brig. - -infantry brigadier at ChillianwalaChw
Gough, Field Marshal Hugh -1779-1869C-in-C of the Army of the PunjabBrigJP Chw P'ck_f
Graham, James VI-1966husband of Nancy BeckMcC_f
Green, Charles IV1844-1906father of Chas GreenGM
Green, Charles Stevenson ('Chas') V1868-1959husband of Winifred SmithSmi GMGMSmi
Green, Charles Stevenson ('Steven') VI1902-1919son of Winifred SmithCarr GMGMSmi
Green, Frank Charles Stevenson ('Steve') VII1944-2012son of Mick Green and Jan CarrDLD Smi Carr GM
Green, Lindy Bridget SelleyVII1939-daughter of Mick Green and Jan CarrGuide J'stn DLD Smi Carr Hay GMJ'stn GM
Green, Lucy HordernVII1937-1988daughter of Mick Green and Jan CarrDLD GM
Green, Mick Pemberton VI1908-1987son of Winifred SmithGMGMSmi
Grieve, George Vhusband of Helen PennycookBros
Griffiths, Charlotte A[melia?] IV1867-daughter of Amelia Booth (2nd m.)Penk
Griffiths, Robert Pardoe III1838-19082nd husband of Amelia BoothPenk
Gullbransson, Kerstin Johanna PennycookVI1881-1958wife of Charles Christian PennycookBros
Hadfield, Heywood George V1872-1946husband of Hilda BraggColColJ'stn
Hadfield, John Charles Heywood VI1907-1999son of Hilda BraggCol GMColJ'stn
Hadfield, Miles Heywood VI1903-1982son of Hilda BraggColColJ'stn
Hadfield, Philip George Heywood VI1911-1998son of Hilda BraggColColJ'stn
Hair, Sarah Evett HaselerII1789-wife of John HaselerColJ'stn
Hall, Lucy BestII1815-1899wife of Robert BestJ'stn
Hall, Maria SwiftII1787-1843wife of William SwiftWlkJ'stn
Hallett, Col. Wyndam Hughes VI1843-1905husband of Clementina M. LochP'ck_f
Hamräus, Per Gustav -foster-father of Charles Chr PennycookBros
Hamrin, Charles Felix Pennycook VII1905-1975son of Lizzie PennycookBros
Hamrin, Felix Theodor VI1875-1937husband of Lizzie PennycookHome BrosBros
Hamrin, Jessie Lovisa StåhlVII1906-1999daughter of Lizzie PennycookBros
Hamrin, Mac Teodor Pennycook VII1910-1979son of Lizzie PennycookBros
Hamrin, Ruth Lizzie ThorellVII1903-1991daughter of Lizzie PennycookHome BrosBros
Hands, Samuel -founder member of the New Church in BirminghamNC
Hardy, Alice HayV1888-1966wife of Richard HaySmi
Hare, Sir George Ralph Leigh V1866-1933father of Marjorie Florence HareCEDP
Hare, Marjorie F.R. Leigh PennycuickVI1897-1973wife of James A.C. PennycuickCEDP
Harrison, Joanna Sarah VIII1969-daughter of Kate CooperGuide Meh
Hart, Charles II1773-1818father of Joseph HartWlk
Hart, George Francis IV1842-1st husband of Margaret N. WilsonRevHSSt
Hart, Joseph III1809-1885husband of Maria SwiftWlk
Haseler, Amanda RaboneIII1829-1898daughter of John HaselerJ'stn
Haseler, Annie Constance SmithIV1861-daughter of Anne E. JohnstoneGHJ
Haseler, Arnold IV1853-1940son of Sarah M. JohnstoneJ'stn
Haseler, Audrey Ambler MilnerV1893-1991daughter of Frank HaselerJ'stn
Haseler, Beatrice Maria Derham WilkinsonIV1872-1916daughter of Edward M. Haseler; wife of William S. Wilkinson [Gen 5]Wlk ColJ'stn
Haseler, Bernard IV1868-1937son of Sarah M. JohnstoneCol
Haseler, Charles III1831-1920son of John Haseler; h. of Anne E. Johnstone [Gen 4]GHJJ'stn
Haseler, Edward Madeley III1826-1909son of John HaselerWlk Col NCJ'stn
Haseler, Elizabeth Jeanette ('Betsy') BestIII1816-1879daughter of John HaselerJ'stn
Haseler, Frank IV1862-1947son of William Hair HaselerCol NCJ'stn
Haseler, Geoffrey Frank V1895-1979son of Frank Haseler; h. of Beatrice M. Wilkinson [Gen 6]Wlk ColJ'stn
Haseler, George Carter III1814-1895son of John Haseler; h. of Juliana E. Johnstone [Gen 4]GHJ NCJ'stn
Haseler, Jennie Millicent Anne ('Mil') RodgersIV1874-1961daughter of Edward M. HaselerColGHJJ'stn
Haseler, John II1792-1860son of William Haseler (snr.)Col NCJ'stn
Haseler, John IV1847-1915son of Juliana E. JohnstoneNC
Haseler, John Bush III1819-1875son of John Haseler; h. of Sarah M. Johnstone [Gen 4]GHJ NCJ'stn
Haseler, Laurence E. VI1947-son of Wilfred E.M. HaselerGHJ Col NC
Haseler, Maurice David VI1943-son of Arthur Cedric HaselerCol NC
Haseler, Sarah Eliza BuncherIII1827-1896daughter of John HaselerNCJ'stn
Haseler, Simon C. VI1950-son of Wilfred E.M. HaselerCol NC
Haseler, Wilfred Edgar May V1903-1981son of Edward John HaselerGHJ
Haseler, William (snr.)I1756-1831son of John Haseler and Sarah ButlerColJ'stn
Haseler, William (jnr.)II1782-1854son of William Haseler (snr.)Col
Haseler, William Hair III1821-1909son of John HaselerColJ'stn
Haseler, William Rabone IV1860-1936son of William Hair HaselerCol
Haworth, Alice BoothIIwife of Thomas BoothPenk
Hay, Abraham II1788-1858son of Jonathan Hay (II)HaySmi
Hay, Abrami -1680-1747father of Jonathan Hay (I)HaySmi
Hay, Catherine Jane SmithIII1818-1907daughter of Thomas Hay (2nd m.)HaySmi
Hay, Charlotte ScholefieldIII1821-1894daughter of Thomas Hay (2nd m.)HaySmi
Hay, Elizabeth StovinII1772-1846daughter of Jonathan Hay (II)HaySmi
Hay, Godfrey --1694father of Abrami HayHay
Hay, Hannah Maria III1819-1839daughter of Thomas Hay (2nd m.)HaySmi
Hay, Jonathan (I)-1716-father of Jonathan Hay (II)HaySmi
Hay, Jonathan (II)I1746-1822father of Thomas HayHaySmi
Hay, Jonathan (III)II1789-1838son of Jonathan Hay (II)HaySmi
Hay, Martha CarrIII1816-1864daughter of Thomas Hay (2nd m.); wife of James Byron CarrHome J'stn Carr Hay GMAnc Smi
Hay, Richard IV1836-1927son of William HayHaySmi
Hay, Richard V1875-1960son of Richard HayHaySmi
Hay, Richard Hardy VI1917-1995son of Richard HayHayHaySmi
Hay, Thomas II1774-1843son of Jonathan Hay (II)Home Carr HayHome HaySmi
Hay, William III1800-1882son of Thomas Hay (1st m.)HayHaySmi
Heath, Christopher -colleague of Sir John PennycuickSirJP
Heath, Phoebe SmithIV1845-1914daughter of Samuel HeathSmiSmiSmi
Heath, Samuel III1813-father of Phoebe HeathSmi
Heeley, Edmund II1799-1871father of Mary Ratcliff HeeleyCarr
Heeley, Mary Ratcliff CarrIII1828-19072nd wife of James Byron CarrCarrSmi
Heyman, Allan -colleague of Sir John PennycuickSirJP
Hickey, Elizabeth Netterville ('Netta') VIII1948-daughter of Elizabeth HickeyGuide P'ck Farr CEDP
Hickey, Eoin VIII1946-son of Elizabeth HickeyGuide P'ck Farr CEDP
Hickey, Noel Sidney Falkiner VII1916-1988husband of Elizabeth Malet-WardenCEDP
Hill, Jane Barnes PenkethIII1811-1863daughter of John Hill; wife of Edward PenkethPenkAnc Penk
Hill, John IIfather of Jane Barnes HillPenk
Hill, Joyce SmithII1779-1852wife of James SmithSmiSmi
Hipkin, Dr. Roger -historian in EdinburghIlk
Hirst, Sir David -colleague of Sir John PennycuickSirJP
Hogg, Geoffrey IV1813-husband of Ruth FarrellFarr
Hogg, Maria FarrellIII-1839wife of Rev. James Farrell (snr.)FarrAnc P'ck
Hogg, William IIfather of Maria HoggFarrP'ck
Hoggan, Brig. - -infantry brigadier at ChillianwalaChw
Holcroft, Cyril Walter VI1888-1976husband of Jeanie Copley KnightGM
Holcroft, Philip VIII1950-son of John Copley HolcroftGuide GM
Holcroft, Timothy William VII1925-2004son of Cyril HolcrodtWlk
Holms-Kerr, Jean M[arian?] VII1924-dau. of Rose Heaton and Robert K. H.-K.SirJP
Hordern, Kate Ann SadlerVIII1961-daughter of Lucy GreenGM
Houston, Isaac -1825-1896friend of Dr. William J. Meharry?Meh
Howard, Grace Montgomery (née Neville) FarrellIV1811-1870wife of Rev. James FarrellFarrP'ck
Howard, Ted -researcher, Alberta Family HistoryJFP ColJP
Husband, Janot PennycookIwife of Charles Pennycook of LeduckieSoilzP'ck
Imrie, Helen GawnV1869-1930wife of William Robert GawnMcC
Israel, Mary Lewis McDonaldV1828-wife of Alexander McDonaldBrosP'ck
Jackson, Anna Constance BancroftV1884-1969daughter of Henry V. JacksonSt
Jackson, Florence Adolphine BancroftV1877-1959daughter of Henry V. JacksonGrSt
Jackson, Helen (Ellen) Sarah CarrIV1844-19002nd wife of Henry Lascelles CarrCarrSmi
Jackson, Henry Vincent IV1843-1896husband of Arabella EdieSt
Jarvis, Fannie -co-founder of Conamur SchoolColJP
Jensen, Iris McConnellVIII1965-daughter of Johannes Jensen; wife of Mark McConnellHome McC WSMcC St Bros SirJPSirJP J'stn NC
Johnson, Albert William M. VI1919-20082nd husband of Franky CarrGM
Johnson, Dr. Bernard R.M. -colleague of Dr. W.S. McConnellWSMcC
Johnson, George Saint V1865-husband of Caroline SandersonSmi
Johnston, John IV1831-1909husband of Mary Elizabeth GawnGawn
Johnston, Robert (snr.)Ifather of Robert JohnstonJ'stn
Johnston, Robert II1751-father of Francis JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Alfred Benjamin IV1813-1891son of Francis Johnstone (1st m.)GHJ NCJ'stn
Johnstone, Anne Elizabeth HaselerIV1833-1904daughter of Francis Johnstone; wife of Charles Haseler [Gen 3]GHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Annie Maria Caroline ChamierIV1838-1875wife of Francis E.A. ChamierChamCham
Johnstone, Catherine BraggIV1819-1900daughter of Francis Johnstone; wife of Thomas Bragg [Gen 3]GHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Claudian VI1893-1952son of Frank William JohnstoneNC
Johnstone, Eliza BettsIV1822-1859daughter of Francis JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Ellen CarullaIV1846-1921daughter of Francis JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Florence Elise WrightV1870-1954daughter of George Hope JohnstoneGHJ ColGHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Francis III1786-1868father of George Hope JohnstoneHome J'stn GHJ NCHome GHJAnc J'stn
Johnstone, Francis Russell IV1831-1896son of Francis JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Johnstone, George Harry V1868-1952son of George Hope JohnstoneJ'stn GHJ Col DLD GMGHJJ'stn
Johnstone, George Hope IV1841-1909son of Francis JohnstoneHome SirJP J'stn GHJ Wlk Col NC DLD GMGHJAnc J'stn
Johnstone, Juliana Emma HaselerIV1817-1902daughter of Francis Johnstone; wife of George C. Haseler [Gen 3]GHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Laurence George Smith VII1949-son of Tom JohnstoneJ'stn GHJ DLDDLD
Johnstone, Lilian EvershedV1871-1944daughter of George Hope JohnstoneGHJ ColGHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Lucy PennycuickVI1905-1972daughter of Stanley Johnstone; wife of Sir John PennycuickHome ColJP SirJP J'stn Col DLD GMHome SirJP DLD GMAnc J'stn Smi
Johnstone, Margery ('Mie') TrenthamVI1908-1989daughter of Stanley JohnstoneSirJP J'stn Col DLD Carr Hay GMSirJP DLD GMJ'stn Smi
Johnstone, Peter Robert Hope VII1946-son of Tom JohnstoneGuide J'stn GHJ DLDJ'stn DLD
Johnstone, Richard Stanley Best VII1944-son of Tom JohnstoneJ'stn GHJ DLD SmiDLD
Johnstone, Samuel Frederick IV1836-1898son of Francis JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Sarah Maria HaselerIV1826-1909daughter of Francis Johnstone; wife of John B. Haseler [Gen 3]GHJJ'stn
Johnstone, Stanley V1873-1936son of George Hope JohnstoneHome SirJP J'stn GHJ Col NC DLD Smi GMSirJP DLDAnc J'stn Smi
Johnstone, Stanley Hope George ('Tom') VI1913-1994son of Stanley Johnstone; h. of Frances June D. Best [Gen 5]; family historianJ'stn GHJ Wlk Col DLD Smi Carr GMDLDJ'stn Smi
Johnstone, William -business partner of Alexr McDonald (né Pennycook)Bros
Johnstone, William Faraday IV1829-1901son of Francis JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Keates, Sandra E. McConnellVII1939-2016wife of James McConnellWSMcCWSMcC WLS
Kennedy, Adam -son of George KennedyNewh
Kennedy, George -purchaser of the Romanno estateNewh
Kenrick, Sir George H. -1850-1939Lord Mayor of Birmingham, 1908-9GHJ
Kidd, David Vhusband of Jean PennycookBros
King, George S[impson?] VI-1899husband of Maude PennycuickJFP
Kinghorn, John Moodie VIIhusband of Anne P. StannardWLS
Kirby, Ann Sadler WattonIV1828-1872dau. of Anselm Kirby and Frances Sadler; wife of Alfred Watton [Gen 3]Smi
Kirkpatrick, Agnes JohnstonIwife of Robert Johnston (snr.)J'stn
Kirkwood, Thomas John IV1847-1917husband of Isabella McConnellTMcC
Klein, Maria PennycookV1839-19202nd wife of Charles PennycookBrosP'ck
Knight, Lt. Alexander William VI1896-1915son of Hettie SmithGMGMSmi
Knight, Arthur Edward V1864-1946husband of Hettie SmithSmi GMGMSmi
Knight, Jeanie Copley HolcroftVI1900-1991daughter of Hettie SmithGMGMSmi
Knowles, Thomas IV1847-1894husband of Lucy Alice WilkinsonWlk
Knox, Archibald -1864-1933designer for W.H. Haseler & Co.Col
Lanigan, Robert IIbrother of John Lanigan StannardSt_KkSt
Lanigan, William Ifather of John Lanigan StannardSt_KkSt
Larken, Metcalfe V1812-1860husband of Sarah PennycuickP'ck_fP'ck
Lascelles, Rose Carr-1697-1774mother of David CarrCarrSmi
Laun, Ann CarrI1729-wife of David CarrCarrSmi
Lawley, Beilby Lord Wenlock-1814-1912Governor of MadrasMulMul
Lawrence, Thomas Philip ('Tam') VII1929-1990husband of Jane PadmoreGM
Leslie, Janet Pennecuik-wife of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewhNewh
Lestrange, Mary PennycookVwife of Wiliam PennycookBros
Little, Margaret Livingstone PennycookVwife of Alexander PennycookBros
Littledean, Henry -poet from EdinburghChw
Loch, Clementina Mary HallettVI1869-1948daughter of Ruth PennycuickP'ck_f
Loch, Lord James IV1780-1855father of John Charles LochP'ck_f
Loch, John Charles V1825-1902husband of Ruth PennycuickP'ck_fP'ck
Lowe, Annie -sister of Tom LoweSmi
Lowe, Jessie IV1863-daughter of Elizabeth BraggGHJ
Lowe, John Vhusband of Isobella PennycookBros
Lowe, Lilian IV1864-daughter of Elizabeth BraggGHJ
Lowe, Thomas Cochrane III1831-1901husband of Elizabeth BraggNC Smi
Lowe, Tom -friend of Dorrie Lunt, 'eligible bachelor'SmiSmi
Lucas, Emily Matilda Ducat-1807-1897wife of Charles DucatBrigJP
Lunt, Clare O. MathesonVII1947-daughter of Humph LuntDLD Smi Carr GM
Lunt, Dora Bridget ('Bridge') SimcoxVI1902-1988daughter of Dorrie SmithSmi GMGMSmi
Lunt, Humphrey Guy VI1904-1999son of Dorrie SmithGMGMSmi
Lunt, Michael Stanley Randle VII1935-2007son of Stan LuntGM
Lunt, Olive SmithV1877-daughter of Richard Lunt (2nd m.)Smi GM
Lunt, Randle Needham V1857-1938son of Richard Lunt (1st m.); husband of Dorrie SmithSmi GMSmiSmi
Lunt, Richard IV1816-1888father of Randle N. LuntGM
Lunt, Stanley VI1900-1990son of Dorrie SmithGMGMSmi
Lunt, Thomas Randle VI1899-1977son of Dorrie SmithGMGMSmi
M'Clarnon, William John IVhusband of Sarah GawnGawn
Maas, Catherine (née Ball) JohnstoneIV1842-19182nd wife of George Hope JohnstoneHome GHJ Col NC DLDJ'stn
Maas, Ethel Josephine ShortV1876-1959daughter of Joseph and Catherine MaasGHJGHJ
Maas, Joseph IV1847-18861st husband of Catherine MaasJ'stn GHJGHJ
MacAdam, Catherine IV1830-1915daughter of Elizabeth StannardGrSt
MacAdam, Charlotte IVdaughter of Charlotte StannardSt_KkSt
MacAdam, Charlotte Honor FitzgeraldV1862-1930granddaughter of Elizabeth StannardSt
MacAdam, D'Arcy Raymond V1866-1873grandson of Elizabeth StannardSt
MacAdam, Dr. David Hastings III1798-1871son of Thomas MacAdam (II) (2nd m.)St
MacAdam, Elizabeth Grace DykeV1862-1936granddaughter of Elizabeth StannardSt
MacAdam, Elizabeth Matilda WallerIV1827-1906daughter of Elizabeth StannardSt
MacAdam, Capt. Francis Robert Preston V1859-1893grandson of Elizabeth StannardSt
MacAdam, Helen Lillian V1872-1898daughter of Philip Henry MacAdamSt
MacAdam, Jane IVdaughter of Charlotte StannardSt_Kk GrSt
MacAdam, Jane Kathleen V1867-1937daughter of Philip Henry MacAdamSt
MacAdam, Lt.-Col. John Stannard IV1838-1904son of Elizabeth StannardHome St_KkSt
MacAdam, Martha Rogers VerekerIV1836-1883daughter of Elizabeth StannardSt_KkSt
MacAdam, Philip (I)-bought Blackwater in 1684St_Kk
MacAdam, Philip (II)I'of Churchland'; grandson of Philip MacAdam (I)St
MacAdam, Capt. Philip (III)III1789-1855son of Thomas MacAdam (II); husband of Elizabeth StannardSt_KkSt
MacAdam, Capt. Philip Bower V1856-1928grandson of Elizabeth StannardSt
MacAdam, Dr. Philip Edwin Welsh V1864-1950son of Philip Henry MacAdamHomeSt
MacAdam, Philip Henry IV1831-1895son of Elizabeth StannardHomeSt
MacAdam, Robert Stannard IV1835-1906son of Charlotte StannardSt_KkSt
MacAdam, Thomas (I)-'of Churchland', father of Philip MacAdam (II)St
MacAdam, Thomas (II)II1762-1825son of Philip MacAdam (II)St_KkSt
MacAdam, Thomas Hutchinson III1792-1836son of Thomas MacAdam (II); husband of Charlotte StannardSt_KkSt
MacAdam, Lt.-Col. Thomas Stannard IV1827-1906son of Elizabeth StannardSt_KkSt
MacAdam, Thomas Stannard IV1832-1881son of Charlotte StannardSt_KkSt
MacAdam, Lt.-Col. Walter V1865-1930grandson of Elizabeth StannardSt
Macintosh, Sir Robert -colleague of Dr. W.S. McConnellWSMcC
MacKenzie, A.T. -engineer on the Mullaperiyar DamMul
MacKenzie, Colin Fraser VI1868-1950husband of Ethel PennycuickJFP
Madeley, Rev. Edward -minister in the New Church in BirminghamCol NC
Magill, Sir Ivan -colleague of Dr. W.S. McConnellWSMcC
Mahon, Evelyn Winifred Alphega GoodhartVI1889-1989daughter of Alice G. ChamierCham
Mahon, Maj.-Gen. Reginald Henry V1859-1929husband of Alice G. ChamierChamCham
Malet-Warden, Charles VIIson of Agnes PennycuickCEDP
Malet-Warden, Edward C. VI1885-1964husband of Agnes PennycuickCEDP
Malet-Warden, Elizabeth Agnes HickeyVII1917-1999daughter of Agnes PennycuickP'ck Farr CEDP
Malet-Warden, Janie Bryda Clementina WoodruffVII1923-1998daughter of Agnes PennycuickCEDP
Malet-Warden, John Hamish VII1922-1941son of Agnes PennycuickCEDP
Malins, Clara Norris LuntVI1903-1979wife of Thomas Randle LuntGM
Malins, Wyndham Howard V1876-1932husband of Marjorie Robbins SmithSmi
Maltby, Maj.-Gen. Christopher M. VII1891-1980son of Christopher J. MaltbyP'ck_f
Maltby, Edward V1811-1889son of Thomas Maltby; husband of Jane M. PennycuickBrigJP P'ck_f ColJPP'ck
Maltby, Henry V1807-1887brother of Edward MaltbyP'ck_f ColJP
Maltby, AVM Sir Paul Copeland VII1892-1971son of Christopher J. MaltbyP'ck_f
Mansell, Peter IVhusband of Catherine FarrellFarr
Marck, Julia S. McDonaldV1838-wife of Andrew N. McDonaldBros
Martin, Thomas B. VI1901-1970husband of Helen BraggGM
Martin d'Escrienne, Marie-Odile -'Madile'; genealogist of the Chamier familyCham
Maw, Mary Hay-1703-1747wife of Jonathan Hay (I)HaySmi
Mawer, Ann (née Riggall) HayII1779-18582nd wife of Thomas HayHaySmi
Mawer, George II1768-18121st husband of Ann RiggallHay
Mawer, Thomas -prominent Methodist in SaltfleetHay
Maxwell, Dorothea Clerk-wife of 4th Bt. Sir George ClerkClerk
Maxwell, Prof. James Clerk -1831-1879physicist; nephew of 6th Bt. George ClerkClerk
Maxwell, Robert -1923-1991newspaper magnateCarr
McConnell, Prof. Adams Andrew V1884-1972son of Andrew McConnellMcC TMcC JMcCTMcCMcC
McConnell, Agnes ('Nancy') McConnellIV1841-1918daughter of Thomas McConnell; wife of Samuel McConnellMcC SMcC TMcC Gawn McC_f JMcCSMcC McC_f JMcCAnc McC
McConnell, Agnes Margaret V1875-1887daughter of Samuel McConnellSMcC McC_fMcC_fMcC
McConnell, Agnes Mary Evangeline ('Inez') DaviesVI1900-1971daughter of Dr. James McConnellMcC_f JMcC MehJMcCMcC Meh
McConnell, Alexander V1880-1955son of Samuel McConnellSMcC McC_fMcC_fMcC
McConnell, Dr. Andrew IV1838-1909son of Thomas McConnellMcC TMcC JMcCTMcCMcC
McConnell, Annes Jane BeckV1872-1912daughter of Samuel McConnellHome SMcC McC_f JMcC ColJPMcC_fMcC
McConnell, Elizabeth Mary SmythIV1836-1890daughter of Thomas McConnellMcC TMcC
McConnell, Isabella KirkwoodIV1854-1919daughter of Thomas McConnellSMcC TMcC
McConnell, James IIIhusband of Mary Gawn; brother of Thomas McConnell?TMcC GawnMcC
McConnell, James IV1821-1902son of James McConnell (snr.); brother of Samuel McConnellSMcCMcC
McConnell, James IV1834-1904son of Thomas McConnellMcC SMcC TMcCMcC
McConnell, Dr. James V1866-1931son of Samuel McConnellHome McC SMcC McC_f JMcC Meh WSMcC St WLS P'ckMcC_f JMcCAnc McC Meh
McConnell, James VII1937-son of Dr. W.S. McConnellMcC WSMcC WLSWSMcC WLS
McConnell, James (snr.) III'of Ballysavage'; head of the J. McConnell familyMcC SMcC TMcC GawnAnc McC
McConnell, Jane AllenIV1850-1932daughter of Thomas McConnellMcC SMcC TMcCMcC
McConnell, Jo Anna GinsbergVIII1967-2008daughter of James McConnellWSMcCWSMcC WLS
McConnell, John Blair V1858-son of James McConnell and Mary BlairMcC
McConnell, Katia PothecaryVIII1972-daughter of James McConnellWSMcC
McConnell, Margaret MooreIV1829-1911daughter of Thomas McConnellTMcC
McConnell, Mark VIII1964-son of Peter McConnellHome WSMcC SirJP J'stnHome McC_f WSMcC WLS J'stnAnc
McConnell, Martha Ann GawnIV1832-1911daughter of Thomas McConnellMcC SMcC TMcC GawnTMcC GawnMcC
McConnell, Peter VII1934-1999son of Dr. W.S. McConnell; husband of Alba PennycuickHome McC WSMcC WLS SirJPHome Meh WSMcC WLS GMAnc
McConnell, Rachel IV1843-1861daughter of Thomas McConnellTMcC
McConnell, Rachel AlexanderV1863-1935daughter of Samuel McConnellMcC SMcC Gawn McC_fMcC_fMcC
McConnell, Robert Neill ('Bob') VI1928-son of William Robert McConnellTMcC
McConnell, Samuel IV1836-1915son of James McConnell (snr.)Home McC SMcC TMcC Gawn McC_f JMcCHome SMcC Gawn McC_fAnc McC
McConnell, Samuel Ridges V1870-1944son of Samuel McConnellSMcC McC_fMcC_fMcC
McConnell, Dr. Sara Carolyn VIII1962-daughter of Peter McConnellHome WSMcC SirJPWSMcC WLSAnc
McConnell, Sarah Agnes RamseyIV1827-1902daughter of Thomas McConnellTMcCMcC
McConnell, Sarah Frances V1877-1933daughter of Samuel McConnellHome SMcC McC_f ColJPMcC_fMcC
McConnell, Thomas III1803-1878head of the T. McConnell familyMcC SMcC TMcC Gawn P'ck_fHome TMcC GawnAnc McC
McConnell, Thomas John IV1846-1922son of Thomas McConnellSMcC TMcC
McConnell, Thomas William V1885-1972son of Samuel McConnellMcC SMcC McC_fMcC_fMcC
McConnell, Thomasina V1883-1884daughter of Samuel McConnellSMcC McC_f
McConnell, Thomasina Agnes V1879-1916daughter of Andrew McConnellTMcC
McConnell, Tobi Jane AuldVIII1970-daughter of James McConnellWSMcC
McConnell, William IV1848-1893son of Thomas McConnellMcC TMcCTMcCMcC
McConnell, Dr. William Samuel VI1904-1982son of Dr. James McConnell; husband of Olive StannardHome McC JMcC Meh WSMcC St WLS Penk SirJP J'stnHome WSMcC WLSAnc McC Meh
McDonald, Alexander (snr.)IIhead of the McDonald familySoilz BrigJPP'ck
McDonald, Alexander (né Pennycook) IV1789-1835son of 'Big Laird' John PennycookP'ck Soilz BrigJP BrosP'ck
McDonald, Alexander V1821-1867son of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)BrosBrosP'ck
McDonald, Andrew N. V1823-son of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
McDonald, Bruce -grandson of Elizabeth Pearl McDonaldGuide BrosBros
McDonald, Charles V1825-1871son of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
McDonald, Edward Louis VI1849-1894son of Alexander McDonaldBrosP'ck
McDonald, Elizabeth WilsonV1814-1869dau. of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
McDonald, Frank Israel VI1854-1884son of Alexander McDonaldBrosP'ck
McDonald, Frederick Alexander VI1850-1913son of Alexander McDonaldHome BrosBrosP'ck
McDonald, Rev. Frederick Alexander VIII1908-2002son of Donald Alexander McDonaldBrosBros
McDonald, James III1758-son of Alexander McDonald (snr.)Soilz BrigJPP'ck
McDonald, James R. V1828-1902son of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)BrosBros
McDonald, Jean PennycookIII1769-daughter of Alexander McDonald (snr.); wife of 'Big Laird' John PennycookSoilz BrigJP BrosAnc P'ck
McDonald, Jean (Jane) (McDonald) WilsonV1818-dau. of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
McDonald, John V1819-1854son of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
McDonald, Margaret -1814-cousin (?) of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
McDonald, Moriah (Maria) S. V1826-1871dau. of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Home McC_f Bros
McDonald, Sarah F. V1830-1879dau. of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Home McC_f BrosBros
McDonald, Thomas Elder V1832-1879son of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
McDonald, William V1816-son of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
McGonagall, William -1825-1902Scottish poetIlk
McLeish, Catherine PennycookV1838-wife of Wiliam PennycookBrosP'ck
McMeekin, Ann GawnIIIwife of James GawnGawn
McMichan, Margaret GawnII1792-1813wife of Robert GawnGawnMcC
McMillan, Margaret GawnII1786-1878wife of Andrew GawnTMcC GawnMcC
McMillan, Margaret GawnIII1812-1867wife of William GawnGawnMcC
McMullen, Harriet (née Trentham) BridleVII1938-daughter of Mie TrenthamGuide J'stn DLD Carr HayJ'stn DLD
McNab, Janet Pennycook-wife of James Pennycook (jnr.) of ConcraigieSoilz
Meakin, Emily Aderlaide WilkinsonIV1854-1923wife of Walter A. WilkinsonWlk
Megarry, Sir Robert -1910-2006colleague of Sir John PennycuickSirJP
Meharry, Alberta ('Bertie') V1870-1957daughter of William J. MeharryMehHome MehMeh
Meharry, Edith WilsonV1883-1958daughter of William J. MeharryMehHome MehMeh
Meharry, Isaac Houston V1878-1911son of William J. MeharryMehHome MehMeh
Meharry, James V1868-1931son of William J. MeharryMehMeh
Meharry, Janie McConnellV1874-1968daughter of William J. Meharry; wife of Dr. James McConnellHome McC McC_f JMcC Meh WSMcC WLS PenkHome MehAnc McC Meh
Meharry, William (snr.)III-1896head of the Meharry familyMehAnc Meh
Meharry, William V1876-1895son of William J. MeharryMehMeh
Meharry, Dr. William John IV1844-1913son of William Meharry (snr.)Home McC JMcC MehHome MehAnc Meh
Mejanelle, Suzanne de la Chamier-1702-1787wife of Daniel Chamier (1696-1741)Cham
Melson, Amy Wright SmithIV1850-18901st wife of William 'Carrington' SmithSmiSmi
Mercer, Jane Calvert Clerk-wife of 7th Bt. Sir James ClerkIlk
Michie, Margaret Pennycook-wife of David Pennycook of ConcraigieSoilz
Miller, Agnes Pennycook-wife of James Pennycook of ConcraigieSoilz
Miller, Sarah Magdalene McDonaldVwife of John McDonaldBros
Milner, Charles Eric V1891-1965husband of Audrey A. HaselerJ'stn
Milner, Charles Noble IV1859-1935father of Charles Eric MilnerNCJ'stn
Milner, Clare VI1928-daughter of Charles Eric MilnerJ'stn
Milner, Gladys Margaret BestV1887-1932daughter of Charles Noble Milner; wife of Jack BestJ'stn
Milner, John Patrick VI1919-son of Charles Eric MilnerJ'stn
Milner, Priscilla Jane VI1921-daughter of Charles Eric MilnerJ'stn
Moore, Robert IV-1897husband of Margaret McConnellTMcC
Mossom, Charles Eland -son of Eland MossomGr
Mossom, Eland -1709-1774'of Eland Mount'Gr
Mountain, Brig. Armine S.H. -infantry brigadier at ChillianwalaBrigJP Chw
Mulcahy, Mary -owner of Grange ManorSt Gr
Mulraj, Dewan -governor of MultanChw
Murdoch, Rupert -1931-newspaper magnateCarr
Murphy, Eustelle Margaret E. StannardVI1909-19701st wife of Derek StannardWLSWLS
Murray, Capt. Alexander -'of Soilzarie'; captain in Atholl BrigadeSoilz
Murray, Elspeth PennycookII1721-wife of Alexr Pennycook of LeduckieSoilzP'ck
Murray, Lt.-Gen. George -1694-1760'Lord George', 5th son of 1st Duke of AthollSoilz
Murray, Gideon -father of Margaret Murray of Romanno?Newh
Murray, Gwendoline Ruth LuntVI1911-19471st wife of Humphrey LuntGM
Murray, Helen PennycuickVI1890-2nd wife of Charles PennycuickJFP
Murray, James -descendant of Capt. Murray; attacked 4th Duke of AthollSoilz
Murray, James -1690-17642nd Duke of AthollSoilz
Murray, John -1660-17241st Duke of AthollSoilz
Murray, John -1729-1774son of 'Lord George'; 3rd Duke of AthollSoilz
Murray, John -1755-18304th Duke of AthollSoilz Bros
Murray, Margaret Pennecuik-wife of Alexr Pennecuik of RomannoNewhNewh
Murray, William -father of Margaret Murray of Romanno?Newh
Murray, William -1689-1746'Tullibardine', 2nd son of 1st Duke of AthollSoilz
n, Ann WattonIwife of Samuel Watton (snr.)Smi
n, Hannah BowmanIwife of Charles BowmanSmi
n, Honor MacAdam-wife of Thomas MacAdam (I)St
n, Jane WilkinsonIII1810-wife of John WilkinsonWlk
n, Margaret Penicok-wife of Nigel de PenicokIlkIlk
n, Margaret GawnIIwife of James GawnGawnMcC
n, Mary SortonIIwife of Edward SortonPenk
n, Mary PenkethIIwife of James PenkethPenk
n, Mary MeharryIIIwife of William Meharry (snr.) ?MehAnc
n, Mary Anne CarrIV1847-19161st wife of Henry Lascelles CarrCarr
n, n GawnI1744-1800wife of James Gawn (snr.)GawnMcC
n, Sally WilkinsonIIwife of Joseph WilkinsonWlkJ'stn
Napier, Gen. Sir Charles James -1782-1853C-in-C of the British army in IndiaBrigJP Farr
Needham, Ann LuntIV1821-19631st wife of Richard LuntGM
Nicole, Isabelle Marguerite Suzanne CarrIV1879-19393rd wife of Henry Lascelles CarrHome CarrSmi
Nicole, Raoul Henry VI1899-1963son of Ettie Lascelles CarrSmi
Nicole, Raoul Paul Maurice V1876-1st husband of Ettie Lascelles CarrCarrSmi
Nicolls, Lt.-Gen. Sir Jasper II1778-1849father of Mary E. NicollsCham
Nicolls, Mary Elizabeth ChamierIII1812-18942nd wife of Henry ChamierChamCham
Northcote, Jane (née Dawson) CarrIV1840-wife of James William Hay CarrCarr
Nosworthy, Dr. Michael -colleague of Dr. W.S. McConnellWSMcC
O'Brien, George --1901criminalJFP
O'Reiley, Larry -historian, GrangeSt GrSt
O'Reilly, Helen Eliza MacAdamIV1839-1873wife of Philip H. MacAdamSt
Oliphant, Alexander -son of James OliphantNewh
Oliphant, James -husband of Elizabeth PennecuikNewhNewh
Osborne, John P. -architect in BirminghamCol NC
Ostler, Mary WilsonIII1823-1914wife of Thomas Wilson (snr.)RevHSAnc St
Owen, Annie -historian, Powys FHSSt RevHS
Padmore, Andrew Ratcliff VII1946-son of Tib CarrGM
Padmore, Jane LawrenceVII1934-daughter of Tib CarrDLD
Padmore, Sydney Howard V1864-1933husband of Nellie Maud SmithSmi
Padmore, Terence Ratcliff VI1906-1992son of Douglas Ratcliff Padmore; husband of Tib CarrGM
Palani, Chetti -local ruler in the Cumbum district of IndiaColJP
Palser, Margaret GawnIV1853-1917wife of James Murdock GawnGawn
Pandian, Anand -anthropologistColJP Mul
Parker, Edward Lawley -1837-1908Mayor of Birmingham, 1891GHJGHJ
Parr, Ann AireyIV1840-daughter of James ParrMeh
Parr, Catherine IV1853-daughter of James ParrMeh
Parr, Edward IV1842-son of James ParrMehMeh
Parr, Elizabeth IV1850-daughter of James ParrMeh
Parr, James III1808-head of the Parr familyMehAnc Meh
Parr, Mary Ellen MeharryIV1846-1933daughter of James Parr; wife of William J. MeharryMehHome MehAnc Meh
Patrick, Catherine McConnellIVwife of William McConnellTMcCMcC
Pearse, Betty D. StannardVI1927-20052nd wife of Frank StannardWLS
Penicok, David de -grandson(?) of Hugh de PenicokIlkIlk
Penicok, Hugh de -son of Nigel de PenicokIlk FfaBIlk
Penicok, John de -son of Hugh de PenicokIlkIlk
Penicok, Nigel de -son of Hugh de PenicokIlkIlk
Penicok, Nigel de -son of William de PenicokIlkIlk
Penicok, William de -earliest PenicokIlkIlk
Penketh, Amelia Jessie V1887-1926daughter of John Penketh (2nd m.)PenkPenk
Penketh, Edward III1811-son of James PenkethPenkAnc Penk
Penketh, Eliza III1817-daughter of James PenkethPenk
Penketh, James II1771-1817head of the Penketh familyPenk
Penketh, Jane Annie StannardV1875-1962daughter of John Penketh (1st m.); wife of William L. StannardHome Meh St RevHS WLS PenkHome PenkAnc St Penk
Penketh, John IV1842-1923son of Edward PenkethWLS PenkAnc Penk
Penketh, Margaret IV1848-1929daughter of Edward PenkethPenkPenk
Penketh, Mary Jane CookIV1846-1930daughter of Edward PenkethPenkPenk
Penketh, Peter III1809-son of James PenkethPenk
Penketh, Richard IV1840-1877son of Edward PenkethPenkPenk
Penketh, William III1813-son of James PenkethPenk
Pennecuik, Dr. Alexander -1600-1690'of Newhall' - purchased Newhall estateHome P'ck Ilk Newh SoilzIlk Newh
Pennecuik, Dr. Alexander -1646-1722'of Romanno'; son of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallP'ck Clerk NewhClerk NewhNewh
Pennecuik, Alexander -1684-1730'of Edinburgh'; son of James PennecuikNewhNewh
Pennecuik, Alison -1652-daughter of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewh
Pennecuik, Alison -1688-daughter of James PennecuikNewh
Pennecuik, Anna Campbell-1644-daughter of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewhNewh
Pennecuik, Catherine -1649-daughter of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewh
Pennecuik, Elizabeth Oliphant-daughter of Alexr Pennecuik of RomannoNewhNewh
Pennecuik, George -1659-son of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewh
Pennecuik, James -1653-son of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewhNewh
Pennecuik, James -1681-son of James PennecuikNewh
Pennecuik, Margaret Farquharson-daughter of Alexr Pennecuik of RomannoNewhNewh
Pennecuik, Margaret -1656-daughter of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewh
Pennecuik, Margaret -1680-daughter of James PennecuikNewhNewh
Pennecuik, Capt. Robert --1707son of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewhNewh
Pennecuik, Rosina -1683-daughter of James PennecuikNewh
Pennecuik, Capt. Stephen -1655-son of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewhNewh
Pennecuik, Thomas -1661-son of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewh
Pennecuik, William -1654-son of Alexr Pennecuik of NewhallNewh
Penny, Brig. Nicholas -infantry brigadier at ChillianwalaChw
Pennycook, Alexander II1718-'of Leduckie'; son of Charles Pennycook of LeduckieP'ck SoilzP'ck
Pennycook, Alexander V1813-son of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook) (by Eliz Robertson)Bros
Pennycook, Alexander V1831-1914son of James PennycookBros JFP
Pennycook, Andrew Kessen V1839-1898son of James PennycookBros JFP
Pennycook, Ann V1834-daughter of Charles PennycookBros
Pennycook, Ann(e) ArchibaldV1833-1882twin daughter of James PennycookBros JFP
Pennycook, Benjamina Scott FellV1828-daughter of Charles PennycookBros
Pennycook, Carl Robert ('Bobby') VIII1943-son of Harry PennycookBrosBros
Pennycook, Charles I'of Leduckie'SoilzP'ck
Pennycook, Charles III1752-son of Alexr Pennycook of LeduckieSoilz
Pennycook, Charles IV1792-1857son of 'Big Laird' John PennycookP'ck Soilz BrigJP Bros JFPP'ck
Pennycook, Charles V1827-1885son of James PennycookBrosP'ck
Pennycook, Charles V1837-son of Charles PennycookBros
Pennycook, Charles VI1857-son of James and Agnes PennycookBros
Pennycook, Charles VI1865-1930son of William PennycookBrosBrosP'ck
Pennycook, Charles Christian VI1862-1940son of Charles Pennycook (1st m.)BrosBrosP'ck
Pennycook, Charles Gösta VII1915-1990son of Charles Christian PennycookBros
Pennycook, Maj. Charles Harry Robert VII1914-2006son of Charles Christian PennycookBrosBros
Pennycook, Colin VIII1944-son of Daniel G. McLeish PennycookP'ck Ilk Soilz Chw Bros P'ck_f JFPP'ck
Pennycook, Daniel George McLeish VI1877-1906twin son of William PennycookBrosP'ck
Pennycook, David -1724-'of Concraigie'; son of John Pennycook of ConcraigieSoilz
Pennycook, David Millar VI1877-1963twin son of William PennycookBrosBrosP'ck
Pennycook, Elizabeth ShawV1836-daughter of Charles PennycookBros
Pennycook, Elizabeth Maria VI1858-daughter of James and Agnes PennycookBros
Pennycook, Elspet III1757-dau. of Alexr Pennycook of LeduckieSoilz
Pennycook, Grizel III1745-dau. of Alexr Pennycook of LeduckieSoilz
Pennycook, Helen GrieveV1829-1905daughter of James PennycookBros JFP
Pennycook, Helen McLeish ReidVI1871-1944daughter of William PennycookBrosBrosP'ck
Pennycook, Isabella McLeish VI1863-1942daughter of William PennycookBrosBrosP'ck
Pennycook, Isobella LoweV1836-1878twin daughter of James PennycookBros
Pennycook, James -1729-'of Concraigie'; son of John Pennycook of ConcraigieSoilz
Pennycook, James (jnr.)-1756-'of Concraigie'; son of David Pennycook of ConcraigieSoilz
Pennycook, James IV1796-1875son of 'Big Laird' John PennycookP'ck Soilz BrigJP Bros JFPBrosP'ck
Pennycook, James V1822-son of James PennycookBros
Pennycook, James V1826-son of Charles PennycookBros
Pennycook, Jane RobertsonV1823-daughter of Charles PennycookBros
Pennycook, Jane Ann VI1860-daughter of James and Agnes PennycookBros
Pennycook, Janet V1824-1875daughter of James PennycookBros
Pennycook, Janet (Jessie) StirtonV1822-1890daughter of Charles PennycookBros JFP
Pennycook, Jannet III1750-dau. of Alexr Pennycook of LeduckieSoilz
Pennycook, Jean V1821-daughter of Charles Pennycook (by Janet Doeg)Bros
Pennycook, Jean KiddV1825-1900daughter of James PennycookBros
Pennycook, John -'of Concraigie'Soilz
Pennycook, John -'of Knockend'Soilz
Pennycook, John -'of Leduckie'SoilzP'ck
Pennycook, John -'of Stentoun'Soilz
Pennycook, John -son of John Pennycook of StentounSoilz
Pennycook, John III1760-1827son of Alexr Pennycook of Leduckie; 'the Big Laird of Soilzarie'P'ck Ilk Soilz BrigJP Bros FarrAnc P'ck
Pennycook, John V1821-1881son of James PennycookBros
Pennycook, Kerstin Elsa Elisabet VII1917-2006dau. of Charles Christian PennycookBros
Pennycook, Maria RobertsonV1831-daughter of Charles PennycookBros
Pennycook, Maria Elisabet ('Lizzie') HamrinVI1879-1963daughter of Charles Pennycook (2nd m.)Home BrosBrosP'ck
Pennycook, Mary Millar SmithVI1864-1935daughter of William PennycookBrosP'ck
Pennycook, Moriah (Maria) V1833-twin daughter of James PennycookBros
Pennycook, Patrick -son of John Pennycook of StentounSoilz
Pennycook, Peter -'of Park of Laighwood'Soilz
Pennycook, William III1743-son of Alexr Pennycook of LeduckieSoilz
Pennycook, William V1832-son of Charles PennycookBrosP'ck
Pennycook, William V1836-twin son of James PennycookBros JFP
Pennycook, Lt.-Col. William Scott VI1872-1918son of James and Agnes PennycookBrosBros
Pennycuick, Ada VI1882-1965daughter of James Farrell PennycuickJFP
Pennycuick, Dr. Adam James VIII1985-son of Colin PennycuickCEDP
Pennycuick, Agnes Helen Malet-WardenVI1887-1948daughter of Charles E.D. PennycuickCEDPCEDPP'ck
Pennycuick, Alba McConnellVII1935-daughter of Sir John Pennycuick; wife of Peter McConnellHome WSMcC ColJP SirJP DLDHome WSMcC WLS SirJP J'stn Col DLD GMAnc
Pennycuick, Alexander -1844-1906member of Burmah legislative councilCEDP
Pennycuick, Ens. Alexander V1831-1849son of Brig. John PennycuickP'ck Soilz BrigJP Chw Farr P'ck_f JFPChw P'ck_fP'ck
Pennycuick, Alexander ('Alick') VI1868-1908son of James Farrell PennycuickJFPJFP
Pennycuick, Bryda Millicent ('B') BranckerVI1885-1970daughter of Col. John PennycuickColJP SirJP DLDColJP CEDPP'ck Cham
Pennycuick, Catherine GibsonV1834-1905daughter of Brig. John PennycuickBrigJP Farr P'ck_fP'ck_fP'ck
Pennycuick, Charles VI1876-1964son of James Farrell PennycuickP'ck_f JFPJFP
Pennycuick, Charles Edward Ducat V1844-1902son of Brig. John PennycuickMeh P'ck BrigJP Farr P'ck_f ColJP CEDPFarr CEDPP'ck
Pennycuick, Prof. Colin James VII1933-2019son of James A.C. PennycuickCEDPCEDP
Pennycuick, Dora Margaret ('D') VI1880-1955daughter of Col. John PennycuickHome McC_f Soilz ColJP Cham SirJPColJPP'ck Cham
Pennycuick, Edith VI1863-1905daughter of James Farrell PennycuickJFPJFP
Pennycuick, Edith Mary VI1883-1954daughter of Col. John PennycuickColJPColJPP'ck Cham
Pennycuick, Elliott VI1871-1901son of James Farrell PennycuickJFPJFP
Pennycuick, Ethel MacKenzieVI1873-1961daughter of James Farrell PennycuickP'ck_f JFPJFP
Pennycuick, Hilda Muriel ('M') SampsonVI1888-1985daughter of Col. John PennycuickP'ck ColJP SirJPColJP CEDPP'ck Cham
Pennycuick, Jack VI1870-1960son of James Farrell PennycuickJFPJFP
Pennycuick, Dr. Jacqueline Sarah ('Sally') GibbVII1928-2016daughter of James A.C. PennycuickCEDP
Pennycuick, Col. James A.C. VI1890-1966son of Charles E.D. PennycuickHome P'ck BrigJP Chw Farr P'ck_f JFP ColJP Mul CEDP SirJPCEDPP'ck
Pennycuick, Maj.-Gen. James Farrell V1829-1888son of Brig. John PennycuickP'ck Soilz BrigJP Bros Farr P'ck_f JFP Cham CEDPP'ck_f JFPP'ck
Pennycuick, Jane Maria MaltbyV1826-1905daughter of Brig. John PennycuickFfaB BrigJP Farr P'ck_f ColJPP'ck_fP'ck
Pennycuick, Janet Marjorie BuchananVII1926-1990daughter of James A.C. PennycuickP'ck BrigJP Chw Farr P'ck_f JFP ColJP Mul CEDP SirJP
Pennycuick, Brig. John IV1785-1849son of 'Big Laird' John PennycookHome Meh P'ck FfaB Soilz BrigJP Chw Bros Farr P'ck_f JFP ColJP Cham CEDPHome BrigJP ChwAnc P'ck
Pennycuick, John V1824-1830son of Brig. John PennycuickSoilz BrigJP Farr P'ck_f JFPP'ck
Pennycuick, Col. John V1841-1911son of Brig. John PennycuickHome St WLS P'ck Soilz BrigJP Farr P'ck_f ColJP Mul Cham CEDP SirJPColJP MulAnc P'ck Cham
Pennycuick, Sir John VI1899-1982son of Col. John Pennycuick; husband of Lucy JohnstoneHome WSMcC P'ck FfaB ColJP Mul Cham SirJP J'stn DLD GMHome ColJP SirJP DLDAnc P'ck Cham
Pennycuick, Dr. John VII1943-son of Sir John PennycuickSirJP DLDSirJP DLD
Pennycuick, Lucy V1839-1907daughter of Brig. John PennycuickBrigJP Farr P'ck_f ColJPP'ck_fP'ck
Pennycuick, Lucy Magdalene ('Doddy') VI1882-1971daughter of Col. John PennycuickHome McC_f Soilz P'ck_f ColJP Cham SirJPColJPP'ck Cham
Pennycuick, Margaret V1835-1921daughter of Brig. John PennycuickBrigJP Farr P'ck_f JFPP'ck_fP'ck
Pennycuick, Maude KingVI1867-1955daughter of James Farrell PennycuickP'ck_f JFPJFP
Pennycuick, Ruth LochV1837-1925daughter of Brig. John PennycuickTMcC BrigJP Farr P'ck_fP'ck_fP'ck
Pennycuick, Ruth GillVI1862-1953daughter of James Farrell PennycuickJFPJFP
Pennycuick, Sarah LarkenV1827-1905daughter of Brig. John PennycuickBrigJP Farr P'ck_fP'ck_fP'ck
Pennycuick, Susan VII1920-2009daughter of Jack PennycuickBrigJP JFP
Penycuke, Alexander -brother of Sir John Penycuke (I)Ilk
Penycuke, (Sir) Alexander -son of Sir John Penycuke (III); last Laird of PenucuikP'ck Ilk Clerk NewhIlk
Penycuke, Sir Andrew --1603son of Sir John Penycuke (III)Ilk FfaBIlk
Penycuke, Gilbert -brother of Sir John Penycuke (III)IlkIlk
Penycuke, James -brother of Sir John Penycuke (II)Ilk
Penycuke, James -son of Rev. William PenycukeIlkIlk
Penycuke, Janet Creichtoune-sister of John Penycuke (I) or (II); wife of Alexander CreichtouneIlk
Penycuke, John -son of James PenycukeIlk
Penycuke, Sir John (I)-Laird of Penycuke (b. 1500s)IlkIlk
Penycuke, Sir John (II)-Laird of Penycuke (b. 1520s)IlkIlk
Penycuke, Sir John (III)-Laird of Penycuke (b. 1540s)Ilk FfaBIlk
Penycuke, William -brother of Sir John Penycuke (III)IlkIlk
Penycuke, Rev. William -son of John Penycuke (I)IlkIlk
Perkins, Charles William -1855-organist in BirminghamGHJ Col NC
Perry, Charlotte Mary PennycookV2nd wife of Andrew K. PennycookBros
Perry, Mary BraggI1759-1840wife of John Bragg (V)Col NCJ'stn
Perry, Thomas -father of Mary PerryNC
Phelps, Lt.-Col. Malet Peyton V1869-1950husband of Dollie SmithSmi
Piercy, William [?] IIhusband of Catherine SmithSmi
Pilkington, Col. E. -employer of William Lanagan StannardWLS Penk
Pillai, Anthony Muthu -Tamil poetColJP
Pitman, Benjamin ('Benn') III1822-1910husband of Jane BraggCol
Pitman, Isaac III1813-1897brother of Benn; developer of shorthandCol
Pope, Brig. - -cavalry brigadier at ChillianwalaChw
Porter, Ellen SouthworthIII1825-1911daughter of William Porter; wife of Hugh Southworth (1820-83)PenkAnc Penk
Porter, William II1803-father of Ellen PorterPenk
Pothecary, Philip VIIIhusband of Katia McConnellWSMcC
Preston, Ellen Jane MacAdamIV1835-19092nd wife of Thomas Stannard MacAdamSt_KkSt
Prestoun, John -purchaser of Penicuik estateIlk Clerk
Prestoun, John -son of purchaser of Penicuik estateIlk
Proud, Rev. Joseph -minister in the New Church in BirminghamGHJ NC
Rabone, Capt. Arthur Brian V1887-1916son of Arthur J. RaboneCol NCJ'stn
Rabone, Arthur John IV1857-1932son of John RaboneWlk Col NCJ'stn
Rabone, Elizabeth HaselerIII1825-1905daughter of John Rabone (snr.)J'stn
Rabone, Frank IV1860-1918son of John RaboneJ'stn
Rabone, Harry Joseph IV1852-1926son of John RaboneJ'stn
Rabone, John (snr.)II1797-1868son of Michael and Elizabeth RaboneColJ'stn
Rabone, John III1820-1892son John Rabone (snr.)J'stn
Rabone, Samuel Clark III1827-1904son John Rabone (snr.)J'stn
Rabone, Thomas IIbrother of John Rabone (snr.)Col
Rabone, Walter Hayes IV1858-1918son of John RaboneJ'stn
Ramsay, Allan -1686-1758Scottish poetClerk NewhClerk Newh
Ramsay, James-Broun Lord Dalhousie-1812-1860Governor-General of IndiaChw
Ramsey, James IV1798-1870husband of Sarah A. McConnellTMcC
Rearick, Eliza Ann McDonaldV1833-wife of Charles McDonaldBros
Reeve, Phyllis D. RogersIV2nd wife of Hallewell RogersSmi
Reid, George Thomas VI1881-husband of Helen McL. PennycookBros
Reilly, Maria TyrrellII1759-1815mother of Dr. George TyrrellCham
Riddell, Edward IV1830-1870son of Edward Riddell (snr.)Wlk
Riddell, Edward (snr.) III1798-1847father of William W. RiddellWlk
Riddell, William Winter IV1827-1891son of Edward Riddell (snr.); h. of Lucy M. Swift [Gen 3]WlkWlkJ'stn
Riddick, George II1790-1864father of Helena M. RiddickRevHSSt
Riddick, Helena Maria StannardIII1811-1865daughter of George Riddick; wife of Rev. Henry StannardSt_Kk RevHSAnc St
Ridges, Anna McConnellIIIwife of James McConnell (snr.); mother of Samuel McConnellMcC SMcC McC_fAnc McC
Roberts, Dr. F.W. -colleague of Dr. W.S. McConnellWSMcC
Robertson, Elizabeth Vmother of Alexander, 1st son of Alexr McDonald (Pennycook)Bros
Robertson, Isobel Pennycook-wife of John Pennycook of KnockendSoilz
Robertson, James Vhusband of Maria PennycookBros
Robertson, William Vhusband of Jane PennycookBros
Rodgers, Christopher Edw W. ('Crip') V1905-1971son of Robert C. RodgersColJ'stn
Rodgers, Robert Christopher IV1873-1938husband of Mil HaselerColJ'stn
Rodgers, Rev. Robert R. -1839-1928minister in the New ChurchGHJ NC
Rogers, Daniel -'of Ballynavin'St_Kk
Rogers, Elizabeth StannardIIwife of John Lanigan StannardSt_Kk Gr RevHSSt
Rogers, Esmond Hallewell V1892-1916son of Lydia Watton SmithCol SmiSmi
Rogers, Esther L. V1896-daughter of Lydia Watton SmithSmi
Rogers, Sir Hallewell IV1864-1931husband of Lydia Watton SmithCol SmiSmiSmi
Rogers, Joseph -'of Cloughjordan', father of Elizabeth RogersSt_Kk
Rogers, Maria Falkiner-daughter of Daniel Rogers; wife of Richard Falkiner (snr.)St_Kk
Rooker, Lord Jeff -MP, lived near Hamstead PoolCol
Rowe, Charles F. Vhusband of Amy SandersonSmi
Rutledge, Jane Martha PennycuickV1841-1926wife of James Farrell PennycuickP'ck_f JFPJFPP'ck
Rutledge, Susanna FleetwoodV1847-1942sister of Jane Martha; mother of Sybil FleetwoodJFP
Rutledge, William IV1806-1876father of Jane Martha RutledgeJFP
Ryves, Maj. J.G. -engineer in MadrasColJP Mul
Sadler, Elizabeth Hannah WattonIII1812-1843daughter of Joseph Sadler & Eliz BowmanSmi
Sadler, Joseph II1774-father of Elizabeth SadlerSmi
Sampson, John Edward Pennycuick ('Teddy') VII1921-1984son of Hilda PennycuickColJP
Sampson, William Anthony Pennycuick ('Tony') VII1918-1942son of Hilda PennycuickColJP
Sampson, William H. ('Billy') VI1890-1977husband of Hilda PennycuickColJP
Sampson, William Stuart VIII1951-son of Teddy Sampson; family historianHome Guide P'ck Soilz BrigJP Chw Farr JFP ColJP Mul Cham CEDPP'ck
Sanderson, Amy Elizabeth RoweV1869-1945daughter of Elizabeth SmithSmiSmi
Sanderson, Caroline S. Lillie JohnsonV1873-1957daughter of Elizabeth SmithSmiSmi
Sanderson, Elsie Mary VarleyV1871-1924daughter of Elizabeth SmithSmi
Sanderson, Kate Piercy BridgwaterV1868-1959daughter of Elizabeth SmithSmi
Sanderson, William IV1840-1873husband of Elizabeth SmithSmi GMSmi
Sanderson, William Watton V1866-1952son of Elizabeth SmithSmi
Scarman, Lord Leslie George -1911-2004colleague of Sir John PennycuickSirJP
Scholefield, William IIIhusband of Charlotte HayHay
Scott, Lady Margaret --1653Countess of Eglintoune, bought Penicuik estateIlk Clerk
Scott, Maria PennycookIVwife of Charles PennycookSoilz BrosP'ck
Selley, Nick J. VIIhusband of Lindy GreenGM
Shaffer, Mary E. PennycuickVI1st wife of Charles PennycuickJFP
Sharpley, Elizabeth HayII1778-18141st wife of Thomas HayHaySmi
Shaw, Hilary -wife of John ShawHay
Shaw, John -farmer at East Lodge Farm, HoltonHay
Shaw, Peter -Pennycuicks' agent at FinegandSoilz Farr
Shaw, William Vhusband of Elizabeth PennycookBros
Short, Arthur V1869-1946son of William Short; husband of Ethel J. MaasGHJ
Short, Emma Maud BestV1865-1921dau. of William Short; wife of Robert Hall Best [Gen 3]GHJ
Siddeley, Cyril Davenport -father of Jean Elizabeth SiddeleyWLS
Siddeley, Hon. Jean Elizabeth StannardVI1920-19721st wife of Frank StannardWLS
Simcox, John Randle VII1925-2006son of William SimcoxWlk DLD Smi Carr GMSirJP
Simcox, William VI1889-1973husband of Bridge LuntGM
Simpson, Agnes PennycookVwife of James PennycookBros
Singh, Mah. Ranjit -Maharaja of Punjab, 1801-1839Chw
Singh, Mah. Sher -1807-1843Maharaja of Punjab, 1841-1843Chw
Singh Attariwalla, Raj. Gen. Chattar --1855father of Sher SinghChw
Singh Attariwalla, Raj. Sher --1858Sikh commander at ChillianwalaChw
Sjöberg, Maria PennycookVmother of Charles Christian PennycookBrosP'ck
Smith, Alexander Lascelles V1877-1880son of Thomas Henry SmithGM
Smith, Amelia III1802-daughter of James SmithSmi
Smith, Amelia Piercy IV1853-1944daughter of Thomas SmithSmiSmiSmi
Smith, Anne Charlotte SmithIV1857-1928wife of Samuel W. SmithSmiSmiSmi
Smith, Catherine [?] PiercyIIdaughter of Charles SmithSmi
Smith, Charles Ihead of the Smith familySmi
Smith, David McLeish VII1900-1986son of Mary Millar PennycookBros
Smith, David Thomson VI1865-1911husband of Mary Millar PennycookBros
Smith, Dora Helena ('Dorrie') LuntV1874-1962daughter of Thomas Henry SmithJ'stn DLD Smi GMSmi GMSmi
Smith, Dorothy ('Dollie') Heath PhelpsV1881-1950daughter of Sir James SmithSmiSmi
Smith, Edith (Piercy) (Carr) V1869-1939daughter of Thomas Henry SmithGHJ DLD Smi Carr GMSmi GMSmi
Smith, Elizabeth ClarkeIII1810-daughter of James SmithSmi
Smith, Elizabeth ('Bessie') SandersonIV1841-1909daughter of Thomas SmithSmiSmiSmi
Smith, Geoffrey Wilfred Melson V1889-1949son of William 'Carrington' SmithSmiSmi
Smith, Harold ('Rol') James V1877-1949twin son of Sir James SmithSmi GMSmi
Smith, Hester Gertrude ('Hettie') KnightV1872-1948daughter of Thomas Henry SmithDLD Smi GMGMSmi
Smith, James II1777-1853son of Charles SmithSmiSmi
Smith, Sir James IV1846-1932son of Thomas SmithJ'stn SmiSmiSmi
Smith, James Ede III1815-son of James SmithSmi
Smith, Jessie Braithwaite JohnstoneV1879-1959daughter of Thomas Henry Smith; wife of Stanley JohnstoneHome SirJP J'stn GHJ Col DLD Smi GMSirJP DLD Smi GMAnc J'stn Smi
Smith, John Hill III1812-son of James SmithSmi
Smith, John Melson V1878-1903son of William 'Carrington' SmithSmi
Smith, Joseph III1814-son of James SmithSmi
Smith, Lilian Alice ('Lal') ChamberlainV1873-1927daughter of Sir James SmithSmiSmi
Smith, Lydia Watton RogersIV1855-1908daughter of Thomas SmithCol SmiSmiSmi
Smith, Mabel ('May') Gertrude ChamberlainV1871-1935daughter of Sir James SmithSmiSmi
Smith, Marjorie Robbins MalinsV1884-1934daughter of Samuel W. SmithSmiSmi
Smith, Mary Anne III1805-1807daughter of James SmithSmi
Smith, Mary Isabel BraggV1875-1953daughter of Thomas Henry SmithJ'stn DLD Smi GMCol Smi GMJ'stn Smi
Smith, Maj. Matthew -infantry major in 29th Foot at ChillianwalaBrigJP Chw
Smith, Nellie Maude PadmoreV1871-1951daughter of Sir James SmithSmi
Smith, Phyllis Mary Robbins Bell-ScottV1889-1970daughter of Samuel W. SmithSmiSmi
Smith, R. -engineer in MadrasMul
Smith, Samuel Watton IV1850-1911son of Thomas SmithHome Smi GMSmiSmi
Smith, Sidney Ethel BiggsV1874-1960daughter of William 'Carrington' SmithSmi
Smith, Stanley Dawson V1875-1938son of Sir James SmithSmiSmi
Smith, Thomas III1812-1899son of James SmithHome J'stn NC Smi GMHome SmiAnc Smi
Smith, Thomas Henry IV1845-1896son of Thomas SmithJ'stn Wlk DLD Smi Carr GMGMAnc Smi
Smith, William 'Carrington' IV1848-1924son of Thomas SmithSmiSmiSmi
Smith, William Piercy III1819-1862son of James SmithSmiSmi
Smith, Winifred GreenV1871-1940daughter of Thomas Henry SmithJ'stn Col Smi GMCol GMSmi
Smyth, James Bryson IV-1886husband of Elizabeth Mary McConnellTMcC
Soane, Elizabeth ChamierIIIwife of Frederick ChamierCham
Soane, Sir John -1753-1857architect; grandfather of Bessie SoaneCham
Sorton, Amelia PenkethIV1846-1927daughter of Thomas SortonPenkPenk
Sorton, Edward II1778-1825head of the Sorton familyPenk
Sorton, Louisa Jane WilkinsonIV1850-1927daughter of Thomas SortonPenk
Sorton, Mary Alice BallIV1840-1881daughter of Thomas SortonPenk
Sorton, Thomas III1817-1857son of Edward SortonPenkPenk
Southworth, Ellen IV1851-1930daughter of Hugh Southworth (1820-83)PenkPenk
Southworth, Hugh (snr.)II1792-1851head of the Southworth familyPenkPenk
Southworth, Hugh III1820-1883son of John Southworth and Jane Banks; father of Jane Ann SouthworthPenkAnc Penk
Southworth, Jane Ann PenkethIV1848-1875daughter of Hugh Southworth (1820-83); 1st wife of John PenkethPenkAnc Penk
Southworth, John IIfather of Hugh Southworth (1820-83)PenkPenk
Southworth, John Henry IV1858-1924son of Hugh Southworth (1820-83)PenkPenk
Southworth, Margaret IV1863-1954daughter of Hugh Southworth (1820-83)PenkPenk
Southworth, Mary Ann CheethamIV1860-1939daughter of Hugh Southworth (1820-83)PenkPenk
Spalding, Capt. - -'of Ashintully'; captain in Atholl BrigadeSoilz
Spencer, Margaret StannardVI2nd wife of Derek StannardWLS
Spurr, Ann BestI1765-1823wife of Isaac BestJ'stn
Ståhl, David Emanuel ('Manne') VII1901-1976husband of Jessie Lovisa HamrinBros
Stammers, Herbert Victor VI1894-1971husband of Aileen StannardWLSWLS
Stannard, Abigail III1806-1822daughter of John Lanigan StannardSt St_KkSt
Stannard, Aileen Margaret P[enketh?] StammersVI1900-1952daughter of William Lanagan StannardWLS PenkSt Penk
Stannard, Anne Penketh KinghornVII1931-daughter of Arthur StannardSt WLS Penk
Stannard, Anthony F. VII1940-1968son of Derek StannardWLSWLS
Stannard, Charlotte MacAdamIII1805-1885daughter of John Lanigan StannardSt_KkSt
Stannard, Prof. Clare E. DaviesVII1942-daughter of Derek StannardGuide St WLS PenkWLS
Stannard, Elizabeth MacAdamIII1803-1860daughter of John Lanigan StannardHome St_KkSt
Stannard, Elizabeth Frances (née Edie) DowdallIV1861-1962wife of Lt.-Col. Henry StannardSt_Kk Gr RevHS
Stannard, Gp. Capt. Frank William VI1908-1988son of William Lanagan StannardWLSSt Penk
Stannard, George ('Derek') VI1911-1993son of William Lanagan StannardWLS PenkWLSSt Penk
Stannard, Lt. George F. -1860-1937colleague of Maj. William G. StannardRevHS
Stannard, Rev. Henry III1806-1890son of John Lanigan StannardHome St St_Kk RevHS WLS Farr CarrAnc St
Stannard, Lt.-Col. Henry IV1846-1904son of Rev. Henry StannardHome St St_Kk Gr RevHSSt
Stannard, John (Lanigan) (né Lanigan) II1763-1823head of the Stannard familyHome St St_Kk Gr RevHS WLSSt
Stannard, Plt. Off. Lionel Edward VI1914-1941son of William Lanagan StannardWLS PenkWLSSt Penk
Stannard, Martha III1799-1871daughter of John Lanigan StannardSt_KkSt
Stannard, n LaniganIwife of William Lanigan?St_KkSt
Stannard, Olive Penketh McConnellVI1904-1995daughter of William Lanagan Stannard; wife of Dr. W.S. McConnellHome McC JMcC Meh WSMcC St St_Kk WLS Penk J'stnHome WSMcC WLSAnc St Penk
Stannard, Rebecca WelshIII1801-1866daughter of John Lanigan StannardSt_KkSt
Stannard, Robert -1833-1913buried at the Grange (prob. no relation)St_Kk Gr
Stannard, Robert Rogers III1805-1894son of John Lanigan StannardSt_Kk Gr RevHSSt
Stannard, Terence Arthur VI1903-1979son of William Lanagan StannardWLSWLSSt Penk
Stannard, William III1799-1855son of John Lanigan StannardSt_Kk Gr RevHSSt
Stannard, Maj. William George IV1850-1904son of Rev. Henry StannardHome St St_Kk Gr RevHS WLSAnc St
Stannard, Capt. William Lanagan V1875-1915son of William George StannardHome WSMcC St St_Kk RevHS WLS Penk P'ckHome WLSAnc St Penk
Steele, Elizabeth TyrrellIII1797-1859daughter of James Steele; wife of Dr. George TyrrellChamAnc Cham
Steele, James IIfather of Eliza SteeleCham
Stevenson, Katherina GreenIV1849-1906mother of Chas GreenGM
Stirtan, Helen (Ellen) McDonaldIV1791-1845wife of Alexander McDonald (Pennycook)Soilz BrosP'ck
Stirtan, John IIIfather of Helen StirtanBros
Stirton, William Vhusband of Janet PennycookBros
Stone, Clara Lucy IV1855-daughter of James H. StoneGHJ
Stone, Margaret Emma MilnerIV1861-1927daughter of James H. Stone; wife of Charles Noble MilnerJ'stn
Sullivan, Sir Arthur -1842-1900English composerGHJGHJ
Swedenborg, Emanuel -1688-1772founder of the Church of New JerusalemHome GHJ NCNC
Swift, Eliza Ann WilkinsonIII1817-1887daughter of William Swift; wife of Henry WilkinsonJ'stn WlkWlkAnc J'stn
Swift, John I1757-1845head of the Swift familyWlkWlkJ'stn
Swift, Lucy Maria RiddellIII1820-1881daughter of William Swift; wife of William W. Riddell [Gen 4]WlkJ'stn
Swift, Maria HartIII1818-1883daughter of William SwiftWlkJ'stn
Swift, William II1789-1820son of John SwiftWlkJ'stn
Tagg, Mary HayI1746-1847wife of Jonathan Hay (II)HaySmi
Tansley, Rev. Isaiah -Principal of Swedenborgian CollegeGHJ
Thackwell, Gen. Joseph -1781-1859cavalry general at ChillianwalaChw
Thursby, Anne Antoinette Evelina ChamierIII1798-1837daughter of John Wm Thursby; 1st wife of Henry ChamierChamAnc Cham
Thursby, John Harvey -'of Abington'; head of the Thursby familyCham
Thursby, John William II1768-1802son of Walter Harvey ThursbyChamCham
Thursby, Walter Harvey I1733-1815son of John Harvey ThursbyChamCham
Travers, Joan Mary Roache CarrVI1917-1978wife of Dave CarrGM
Trentham, Andrew Bruce VII1946-son of Mie JohnstoneDLDDLD
Trentham, David George VII1935-2016son of Mie JohnstoneDLDDLD
Trentham, David Percy VI1905-1993husband of Mie JohnstoneDLD GMDLD
Trentham, Giles Bernard VII1945-1998son of Mie JohnstoneDLDDLD
Trentham, Harriet McMullenVII1938-daughter of Mie JohnstoneGuide J'stn DLD Carr HayJ'stn DLD
Tucker, Kathy -cousin of Bruce McDonaldBros
Tyndalle, Jane MacAdamII-17931st wife of Thomas MacAdam (II)St
Tyrrell, Adelaide HaughtonIV1835-1886daughter of Dr. George TyrrellChamCham
Tyrrell, Anna Wood IV1831-1916daughter of Dr. George TyrrellChamCham
Tyrrell, Dorcas Louisa ChamierIV1833-1925daughter of Dr. George Tyrrell; wife of Stephen H.E. ChamierHome ChamHome ChamAnc Cham
Tyrrell, Eliza Mary Adelaide ChamierV1869-1940daughter of George G. TyrrellChamCham
Tyrrell, Flora Geraldine Frances Henrietta LennockV1870-1945daughter of George G. TyrrellCham
Tyrrell, George IIfather of Dr. George TyrrellCham
Tyrrell, Dr. George III1795-1868son of George TyrrellMeh ChamAnc Cham
Tyrrell, George Gerald IV1828-1893son of Dr. George TyrrellChamCham
Tyrrell, Lt.-Col. George Gerald Montagu V1876-1951son of George G. TyrrellChamCham
Tyrrell, Jane IV1821-1912daughter of Dr. George TyrrellChamCham
Tyrrell, Mabel Coralie Maria Georgiana AtkinsonV1873-1942daughter of George G. TyrrellCham
Tyrrell, Maria IV1818-1912daughter of Dr. George TyrrellChamCham
Tyrrell, Violet Henrietta Corrisande KembleV1875-1950daughter of George G. TyrrellCham
Vereker, Edith Victoria V1868-1944daughter of Martha Rogers MacAdamSt
Vereker, Elizabeth Kate V1870-1919daughter of Martha Rogers MacAdamSt
Vereker, Henry IV1813-1871husband of Martha Rogers MacAdamSt
Walbanke, Jennet Faraday-1685-wife of Richard FaradayJ'stn
Walker, Hannah (Ann) WattonIII1815-1885wife of William WattonSmi
Walker, Joseph II1776-husband of Hannah BowmanSmi
Warburton, John III1836-business partner of John WilkinsonWlk
Warburton, Margaret Alice WilkinsonIV1867-dau. of Joseph Warburton; wife of John WilkinsonWlk
Wardlaw, Katherine Penycuke-wife of Rev. William PenycukeIlk
Warwick, James IIIhusband of Mary GawnGawn
Watton, Alfred III1825-1876son of Samuel Watton; h. of Ann Sadler Kirby [Gen 4]SmiSmi
Watton, Elizabeth SmithIII1814-1880daughter of Samuel Watton; wife of Thomas SmithHome NC Smi Carr GMAnc Smi
Watton, Samuel (snr.)Ihead of the Watton familySmi
Watton, Samuel II1775-1845son of Samuel Watton (snr.)SmiSmi
Watton, Thomas III1805-1873son of Samuel WattonSmi
Watton, William III1809-1880son of Samuel WattonSmi
Weights, Pauline M. SampsonVII1926-2020wife of Teddy SampsonColJP
Wells, Alison Dorothy Barnett RaeV1892-1966daughter of Frances C. CarrCarrSmi
Wells, Gertrude Frances CainkV1879-1907daughter of Frances C. CarrSmi
Wells, Mabelle Nella MadinV1882-daughter of Frances C. CarrSmi
Wells, Thomas IV1842-1925husband of Frances C. CarrSmi Carr GMSmi
Welsh, Capt. Jonas III-1862husband of Rebecca StannardSt_KkSt
Wesley, Rev. Charles -1707-1788founder of Wesleyan MethodismHayHay
Wesley, Rev. John -1703-1791founder of Wesleyan MethodismHayHay
Wesley, Rev. Samuel -1662-1735Anglican clergyman, father of John and Charles WesleyHay
Weston, Thomas Avern III1816-18641st husband of Amelia BoothPenk
Whish, Gen. - -general in Multan uprisingChw
White, Brig. Michael -cavalry brigadier at ChillianwalaChw
Wilkinson, Beatrice Maud HaselerVI1897-1974daughter of William S. Wilkinson; wife of Geoffrey F. Haseler [Gen 5]Wlk ColJ'stn
Wilkinson, Constance Maud BettertonV1876-1867daughter of Joseph H. WilkinsonColJ'stn
Wilkinson, Edward Holte VI1910-1992son of William S. WilkinsonWlkJ'stn
Wilkinson, Emily JohnstoneIV1843-1897daughter of Henry Wilkinson; 1st wife of George Hope JohnstoneHome GHJ Wlk Col DLDWlkAnc J'stn
Wilkinson, Ethel Marian HeatonV1870-1960daughter of Joseph H. WilkinsonColJ'stn
Wilkinson, Eva BestIV1855-1927daughter of Henry WilkinsonGHJ Wlk GMJ'stn
Wilkinson, Geoffrey Howard V1878-1960son of Howard WilkinsonWlk NCJ'stn
Wilkinson, Henry III1814-1868son of Joseph WilkinsonJ'stn GHJ Wlk GMHome WlkAnc J'stn
Wilkinson, Henry Sydney VI1908-1941son of William S. WilkinsonWlkJ'stn
Wilkinson, Howard IV1850-1939son of Henry WilkinsonJ'stn Wlk ColJ'stn
Wilkinson, Janet BraggIV1853-1903daughter of Henry WilkinsonJ'stn Wlk ColJ'stn
Wilkinson, John III1809-1882son of Joseph WilkinsonJ'stn WlkJ'stn
Wilkinson, John IV1858-1938son of Henry WilkinsonWlk
Wilkinson, Joseph IIhead of the Wilkinson familyWlkJ'stn
Wilkinson, Lt.-Col. Joseph Henry IV1845-1931son of Henry WilkinsonJ'stn GHJ Wlk Col NCWlkJ'stn
Wilkinson, Lilian WinnIV1861-1917daughter of Henry WilkinsonJ'stn Wlk
Wilkinson, Lucy Alice KnowlesIV1846-1926daughter of Henry WilkinsonWlk
Wilkinson, Marian Ruth VI1902-1973daughter of William S. WilkinsonJ'stn
Wilkinson, Norman V1882-1934son of Howard WilkinsonJ'stn Wlk NCJ'stn
Wilkinson, Thomas IV1851-1870son of Henry WilkinsonWlk
Wilkinson, Walter IV1850-1919husband of Louisa Jane SortonPenk
Wilkinson, Walter A. IV1849-1922son of Henry WilkinsonWlkJ'stn
Wilkinson, William Sydney V1872-1931son of Joseph H. Wilkinson; h. of Beatrice M.D. Haseler [Gen 4]Wlk ColJ'stn
Willasey-Wilsey, Prof. Tim -historian, ChillianwalaChw
Wilson, Alexander Joseph ('Sandy') V1880-1953husband of Edith MeharryMehMehMeh
Wilson, Anthony Alexander VI1923-1999son of Edith MeharryMehHome MehMeh
Wilson, Caroline Patricia PlattVI1928-1972daughter of Edith MeharryMehMeh
Wilson, Christina Jane StannardIV1860-1946daughter of Thomas Wilson (snr.); wife of William George StannardHome St RevHS WLSAnc St
Wilson, Dorothy ChamierI1727-1799wife of Anthony ChamierCham
Wilson, Edith VI1919-daughter of Edith MeharryMehMeh
Wilson, Eva CooperVI1916-1982daughter of Edith MeharryMehMeh
Wilson, Hilda Mary RobsonVI1912-2006daughter of Edith MeharryMehHome MehMeh
Wilson, John IV1851-son of Thomas Wilson (snr.)RevHSSt
Wilson, Margaret SouthworthII1793-1850wife of Hugh Southworth (snr.)PenkPenk
Wilson, Margaret Nelson HartIV1848-1915daughter of Thomas Wilson (snr.)RevHS WLSSt
Wilson, Mary (Parker) IV1853-1937daughter of Thomas Wilson (snr.)RevHSSt
Wilson, May GawnVI1938-wife of Billy GawnMcCMcC
Wilson, Phyllis ('Billy') Gordon VI1913-1940daughter of Edith MeharryMehMeh
Wilson, Sarah Jane GawnIIIwife of John GawnGawn
Wilson, Thomas (snr.)III1817-head of the Wilson familyHome RevHS WLS PenkAnc St
Wilson, Thomas IV1855-son of Thomas Wilson (snr.)RevHSSt
Wilson, William C. Vhusband of Jean McDonaldBros
Wilson, Willis T. Vhusband of Elizabeth McDonaldBros
Winn, Dr. Rowland Mellor IV1856-1924husband of Lillian WilkinsonJ'stn Wlk
Woodhead, Clementina PennycuickV1852-1925wife of Charles E.D. PennycuickP'ck_f CEDPCEDPP'ck
Woodhead, Capt. Henry J.P. IV1829-1923father of Clementina WoodheadCEDP
Woolaston, Eliza JohnstoneIV1838-1909wife of Samuel F. JohnstoneGHJ
Wright, Emily VI1897-daughter of Florence JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Wright, Jack Skirrow V1866-1932husband of Florence JohnstoneGHJGHJJ'stn
Wright, John Skirrow IV1822-1880father of Jack Skirrow WrightGHJ
Wright, Lilian Hope VI1900-1971daughter of Florence JohnstoneGHJJ'stn
Wroughton, John Chardin IV1799-1854husband of Georgiana Grace ChamierCham
Young, Agnes Jane Wayland StannardVI1905-1981wife of Terence Arthur StannardWLS
Young, Margery Pennycook-wife of John Pennycook of LeduckieSoilzP'ck